The Smart Woman’s Guide To A Cosmetic Procedure

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Smart To See A Psychologist Before Plastic Surgery?

Physical attractiveness has always been prized. History is full of beauty inspired prose and poetry, tragedy and drama. Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, while Layla Al- Aamiriya so preoccupied the mind of Al Qays ibn al-Mulawwah, that … [Read more]

Top Cosmetic Surgery Fixes With Not Much Downtime

Cosmetic Surgery quick fixes are a range of cosmetic surgery procedures and techniques which enable patients to rejuvenate aspects of their face or body, quickly and without having to spend time out of social activity or recovering and healing. … [Read more]

UK Tightening Regulations On Plastic Surgery

Call me old fashioned, but winning surgery as a prize in a competition strikes me as bizarre. Since when could a medical procedure – and one with potential complications at that – masquerade as a prize? Since when could surgery be won? Well, since … [Read more]

Lasers Erase Your Post-Surgery Scars… And Much More

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How To Get Rid Of Those Ugly Red Bumps On Your Arms!

Keratosis pilaris is a fancy name for a common benign skin problem: patches of scaly, slightly red bumps that can appear on the back of the arms, butt, or cheeks. The condition is extremely widespread, affecting about half of the world’s population, … [Read more]