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Humans Have A Universal Desire To Look Attractive

It is present in all races and throughout the world. It is not a new phenomenon. History shows us that women and men have gone to great lengths to beautify themselves.

Although references to plastic surgery are present in ancient history, the real progress in plastic surgery started in nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In the last few decades, plastic surgery has seen an unprecedented boom.

The reasons for this boom are manifold and include advances in surgical and anesthetic techniques, availability of better artificial implants, decrease in plastic surgery costs, and general awareness about physical, emotional and social benefits of plastic surgery.

Scope of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgical techniques in particular have given patients a world of options.

Plastic surgery has two major branches. Reconstructive plastic surgery is concerned with correction of abnormal or deficient body structures. These abnormalities or deficiencies may be the result of birth defects, developmental abnormalities, burns, trauma, injuries, and cancer surgery or radiotherapy.

Cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery on the other hand is concerned with improving and reshaping the normal structures of body in order to enhance their appearance. Although surgery alone or even in combination with other modalities cannot achieve perfection, the range of treatment and intervention options that are now available to plastic surgeons are so versatile and effective that the improvements in form and function that were considered impossible a decade ago are being achieved easily now.

The most popular cosmetic surgeries and procedures these days are eyelid surgery, facelift, chin lift, jaw reconstruction, nose surgery, lip enhancement, tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh lift, buttock lift, skin tightening, peeling, microdermabrasion, and breast augmentation and reconstruction.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Benefits of plastic surgery range from psychological and emotional to physical and social. It has long been known that body image or one’s perception of how they look to others is central to how people interact with society. Some authors have gone to the extent of suggesting that body image is the nucleus from which all traits of personality emerge.

Persons who are not happy with their body image often exhibit negative personality traits including lack of confidence, negative outlook in life, shyness, lack of ambition and limited social interactions. Plastic surgery can help people who are struggling with their body image for various reasons. Various studies have shown that people experience significant and lasting improvements in their body image after plastic surgery.

Other studies have shown a decrease in depression among people who had plastic surgery due to dissatisfaction of their body image. This psychological boost, provided by plastic surgery, may be the deciding factor in many battles of our daily lives.

We all know that, for children and teens, being accepted and popular in one’s social circle and peers is sometimes the most important and consuming concern. Childhood and adolescence is also the age when one is most susceptible to the cruelty, teasing and abuse by one’s peers as a result of some facial or bodily feature.

These emotional scars sometimes persist throughout the life of an individual.

Plastic surgery provides an opportunity to combat and preempt this unnecessary emotional scarring. It also provides a mechanism of healing in those adults who have already suffered such abuse in childhood. Some people will experience physical benefits of plastic surgery ,too. For example, if a person’s vision is obscured by overhanging eyelids, plastic surgery will dramatically improve vision as well as quality of life.

Similarly, many women report reduction in neck, back and shoulder pain after surgery for reducing the size of breasts. Others have noted a decrease in grooving due to bra straps, better sleep and increased ability to exercise after breast surgery. It has been shown in various studies that attractive people are conceived to be more intelligent, successful and talented.

Numerous correlations have also been observed in these studies. These include associations between physical attractiveness and professional recognition, job hiring, promotions and salary levels. This suggests that plastic surgery may aid in professional and social success of an individual.

Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

All surgical procedures have certain risks and plastic surgery is no exception. Although worst outcomes are rare, you should be very well informed about the risks and uncertainties of plastic surgery and should take all necessary measures to reduce and mitigate risk as much as possible.

Although some risks are specific to that particular, many are common to all plastic surgery procedures and include risk of infection, bleeding, delayed healing, loss or change of different sensations and nerve damage. There are additional risks of anesthesia. Some patients will be dissatisfied with the end result of surgery and some will require secondary corrective surgeries.

The decision to proceed with surgery is a highly individual decision. You should take into account all the pros and cons of the plastic surgery procedure that you are planning to undergo, talk with your loved ones, choose the best plastic surgeon that you can find and discover for yourself if plastic surgery is the right option for you.

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