ankle_lipoThe last twenty years have shown a significant increase in the number of patients who have undergone lipoplasty on their lower extremities. Because of this, what was once thought of to be a procedure that is rich for possibilities of complications has been improved to a common treatment that produces satisfying results. Ankle liposuction can now improve the over-all appearance of a woman’s legs by making the ankles slimmer.

What is Ankle Liposuction?

People whose ankles have almost the same size as their calves are good candidates for ankle liposuction. This procedure give better definition to the legs by making the circumference of the ankles smaller than the rest of the legs. Excess fat are removed to give the legs a more shapely appearance.

As easy as the general concept may be, ankle liposuction has proven to be one of the most complex cosmetic surgery procedures. Unlike the rest of the body, the ankles and the legs lack deep compartments where fat cells may be stored. Instead, the fat is positioned, if not attached, to the bones and the tissues. This makes removing it so much harder then the usual liposuction procedure. Any unnecessary effect on the muscles and bones can lead to different medical problems. Damage to the sensitive nerves and veins can also bring about negative long-term effects. If done by an untrained doctor, patients stand the chance of completely losing his ability to walk.

That is why it’s extremely important to check your surgeons credentials and certification before undergoing any kind of cosmetic operation. Don’t go through the procedure if the risks involved far outweigh the benefits that you may get from it.

Other than undergoing this procedure, women who complain of having cankles can do nothing else to improve the appearance of their legs. The distribution of fat cells in the body, including the fat in the legs and the ankles, are determined genetically. Natural exercises like stretching and bending will do very little in minimizing the fat in the ankle area.

Ankle Liposuction Procedure

Cankles may either be made up of bones, tissues, or fat. During the initial consultation, you surgeon will assess your ankles and see what he can do to make them slimmer. If bones and tissues give your ankles their undesirable shape, there in very little that your doctor can do for you. Removing any of the bones of tissue may give your ankles a better shape, but it can also lead to serious problems.

If removing the fat from your ankles will give it a better shape, you may choose to undergo an ankle liposuction procedure. Your surgeon will use a very small cannula to manually remove unwanted fat build-up through small incisions. After the operation, you will be asked to wear a pair of compression stockings for about a month.

Ankle liposuction treatments are out-patient procedures that patient may undergo under general or local anesthesia. Like other liposuction surgeries, it requires at least a week’s worth of down time, when patients should refrain from undergoing physically arduous tasks.