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What is a BOTOX Party?

Many women and men, even when they are in their forties or fifties, prefer not to look as old as they are. Botox parties, however, are helping these folks deal with these problems both medically and socially. Although these gatherings are as common as any party, spas and clothing boutiques are the venues of choice for these events. Making friends, and having a ball is the general idea behind these parties. The fun part begins when they go to a room where a certified doctor is waiting to perform BOTOX injections.

Putting a BOTOX Party Together

Ideal places to hold such gatherings include a doctor’s home, a patient’s home, or even a spa. That way, everyone will be less stressed throughout the experience, helping them enjoy the party better. Several doctor practices around the country sponsor BOTOX parties in their own surgical facilities.

The highlight of the party is when individuals sit down with the doctor, who will then explain the pros of using Botox, followed by the administration of Botox injections.

BOTOX Party Dont’s

The Botox injections may be compromised by alcohol, so women and men alike should refrain from drinking alcohol because this. Unnecessary pain due to too much drinking that may have weakened a person’s immune system can be one of the side effects of Botox.

The Good Thing About BOTOX Parties

The nice thing about Botox parties is that it is an event where people meet up with the sole purpose of having fun and encouraging each other to look good. The fact is that this is a party – folks will have fun whether they get a Botox injection, or are just there to mingle. The combination of light drinks, soft music, and food will help the guests loosen up.

When everything is set for giving out the injections, a specialist will call people over one by one. This is, as was mentioned, the highlight of the party, and since a specialist is involved, there is no danger in the procedure.

Botox parties are great because, among other purposes, they save a lot of money and effort for everybody involved. There will also be some people who’d prefer to have a doctor make a house call for the sake of privacy.

Botox parties usually feature Botox products that are sold at a discounted price so that the participants may easily buy them. There are sure to be other freebies and discounts to be given by the physician during the night as well.

Gluten Free Diet

Why is a Gluten Free Diet Good?

Many people love to eat gluten-rich protein in their diet, but there are those whose bodies cannot absorb it. For this reason they have to eat a gluten free diet. Rye, barley, and wheat are among the foods that contains gluten. Nevertheless, there are individuals whose small intestines were affected by gluten because their bodies cannot stomach it, so they got sick with celiac disease.

A gluten free diet is a must for those with this ailment, so this will likewise prevent any complication or symptom. Gluten causes inflammation in the small intestines of people with celiac disease.

It is very important that people suffering from celiac disease should not consume foodstuff that contains gluten, so they have to read all of the ingredients thoroughly. One should refrain from consuming cereals that consist of wheat, wheat bran, oats, porridge, corn flour, wheaten, couscous, and wheaten.

Furthermore, breakfast fares should not consist of the following: corn, oats, barley or meals that contain rice even sugar in icing and baking powder. A gluten free diet to work on people various types of pasta should not be part of the diet as well.

Meat is good and nice to eat, but ideally it should be gluten free and other meaty goods that have breadcrumbs, sausages, thick soups, and meals that are placed in the freezer should not be consumed and be evaded as well. Desserts that are composed of delicious fruit-pie pilling, several ice cream products and even some drinks derived from soya are nice to eat because they taste good, but if they are filled with gluten, people have no other recourse but to abstain from eating these treats.

A typical ailment like celiac disease persists these days, so a gluten free diet is the only way to battle it. Unluckily, there are some people who had the misfortune of not being able to absorb gluten in their diet, so they have no choice but to eat gluten free foods.

Although celiac disease affects many people, they just have to follow the diet to alleviate themselves of the discomforts associated with it. A nutritional therapy like a gluten free diet would be a permanent regimen in a person’s life because doctors will recommend to anyone that this diet would eliminate loose bowel movement, constipation, stomach pain, and fatigue to name a few.

Living with Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is incurable, but a gluten free diet would help manage a person’s gluten levels. On the onset, one may have so difficulty and be tempted to not consume these foods that are gluten free. Still, the facts about the disease are something that the Celiac Society can provide support to a number of people, so they will be informed and able to control themselves.

For his or her cholesterol levels to be lessened significantly, a gluten free diet would effectively make that person feel renewed and energized. Various foodstuff and soy sauce made of malt are acceptable because there is an absence of gluten.

NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion

What is NuBrilliance?

The possibility of doing microdermabrasion in the comfort of your own home is made a reality with NuBrilliance. Dermabrasion is a controlled exfoliation of the upper layers of skin through a surgical procedure. Removal of fine wrinkles, acne scars and the smoothing of the skin are just some of the aims of the procedure. Another process for exfoliating skin without involving any surgical procedure is called microdermabrasion, though it only removes the outer epidermal layer.

What is NuBrilliance

The possibility of performing microdermabrasion on yourself at home is what Nubrilliance brings you. In the skin care industry, it sets itself as the first and only one of its kind. The device utilizes diamonds which are crystal-free and gives a dual-action therapy for suctioning and exfoliating. After the skin has been exfoliated, it finishes the job via suctioning the exfoliated skin, thanks to the efficient design.

What makes it work?

The combination of the suction as well as the use of crystal-free diamond exfoliation is the force behind its dual-action therapy. Because it can exfoliate and offer suction, it is a complete microdermabrasion treatment. The entire thing is like a diamond peel exfoliation you gave yourself.

What happens is the epidermis, or the outermost layer of your skin is removed through the use of very light abrasion. Healthy cells can grow again through this abrasion. Elastin and collagen is stimulated because of the suction that increases blood flow.

There’s one thing you should always remember upon purchase, and that’s to always start at the lowest setting. Also make sure to remember that the coarse tip is for your body, as the skin of the face is much thinner than any other part of the body. Remember not to overdo it, and only increase the level of dermabrasion if your skin can tolerate it.

What Can NuBrilliance Do

Dermabrasion of the entire body, not just microdermabrasion on the face, is possible through NuBrilliance. You can keep your skin perpetually healthy and lessen the need for pricey trips to the dermatologist by using the device.

The guiding design principle that is used in Nubrilliance is based on the microdermabrasion devices that are used in hospitals. Your safety is ensured because potentially harmful crystals and any abrasive elements aren’t present in it. The areas of the nose and the mouth are also parts you can use it on.

If the positive aspects are not so convincing, feel free to look at all the Nubrilliance reviews that are readily available on the Internet.

Through the use of real diamonds that are hypoallergenic and much safer to use there is no need to cover your nose or eyes when using the Nubrilliance microdermabrasion. It includes usage for the entire body and not just the face, a complete dermabrasion package. The fact of it is, it is meant for your home convenience.

Using Nubrilliance doesn’t have to be complex: simply press the diamond tip lightly against your face . By using this innovative new tool, you can avoid those frequent trips to the dermatologist, and save yourself some money while investing on your skin’s health.

Post Bariatric Body Contouring – Dr. Robert Shumway

Dr Robert ShumwayBody contouring after massive weight loss is fast becoming one of the most talked about areas of cosmetic surgery. This segment of Inside Cosmetic Surgery speaks to American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Trustee, Dr. Robert Shumway on the hot topic, Post Bariatric Body Contouring.

Dr. Shumway also touches on the importance of doctor education and patients doing their homework in finding the right surgeon to perform their cosmetic procedure.

Listen to the interview, or read through the transcript below.

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Dr. Carey Nease Explains Otoplasty

Dr Carey NeaseUnlike many cosmetic procedures, otoplasty, or cosmetic surgery for the ears, can be performed on patients as young as 5 years old. While often performed to reduce the appearance of protruding ears, otoplasty is more than just ear pinning.

In this edition of Inside Cosmetic Surgery, we speak to Dr. Carey Nease, a facial plastic surgery specialist, about this delicate procedure.

Listen to the full interview or read through the transcript below!

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Facial Implants of the Jaw, Cheek and Chin – Dr. Bruce Chisholm

Dr Bruce ChisholmIn this edition of Inside Cosmetic Surgery, we speak with American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery member, Dr. Bruce Chisholm. He specializes in above the neck procedures, and gives us great info on facial implants of the cheek, chin, and jaw areas.

Dr. Chisholm also speaks on the trend of moving away from the tightening and pulling of facelifts, toward re-volumizing particular areas of the face through facial implants and injectable fillers.

Give the interview a listen, or read through the transcript.

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Hair Restoration with Acell and Platelet Rich Plasma – A Webinar With Dr. Gary Hitzig

Dr Gary HitzigHere’s an Inside Cosmetic Surgery first: a video! Take a look at this webinar interview we’ve done with Dr. Gary Hitzig, a board certified hair restoration specialist with Prasad Cosmetic Surgery.

Some of the results are so incredible, that you have to see it to believe it!

Dr. Hitzig walks us through the his hair restoration process, which includes the use of extracellular matrix technology (Acell) and platelet rich plasma (PRP), to promote cell duplication instead of scarring.

Learn more about Dr. Gary Hitzig via his website,

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nancy Swartz Educates us on Blepharoplasty

Dr Nancy SwartzIs there anything more sensitive on the human face than our eyes? In this installment of Inside Cosmetic Surgery, we speak with Dr. Nancy Swartz, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, about the advantages of seeking a specialist for your cosmetic eye surgery, or blepharoplasty.

Not all cosmetic eye procedures are invasive. Dr. Swartz also talks about the evolution from surgically invasive procedures to now being able to treat many conditions with dermal fillers like Botox or Restylane.

Listen to the full interview, or read through the transcript below!

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Dr. Marc Cohen on the Importance of Forehead Rejuvenation

Dr Marc CohenInside Cosmetic Surgery speaks with Dr. Marc Cohen about the often overlooked area of the face between the upper eyelids and the hairline: the forehead.

Check out this interview as Dr. Cohen explains how the introduction of hyaluronic acid fillers caused a gradual transition from traditional brow lifts to less invasive forehead rejuvenation.

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FDA Approves Restylane for Lip Augmentation

Restylane, one of the most popular hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for medium to deep facial lines, is now FDA approved for use in lip augmentation procedures.

Restylane had previous FDA approval for its use to improve the look of facial folds. The FDA can approve a company’s “New Drug Application,” and can work with the manufacturer to write up the indications (usage/directions), but the FDA cannot regulate how the drug is prescribed.

Many cosmetic surgeons have been using Restylane off-label for a while. Off-label does not mean illegal. It simply means that a product is used for something other than what it was intended. Doctors and cosmetic surgeons have the right to use a product for something other than what it was FDA approved for. However, the manufacturer cannot promote the use of their drug for any reason other than what it currently has FDA approval for.

Restylane’s parent company, Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, is happy to have the FDA’s stamp of approval for lip augmentation. Medicis CEO and Chairman, Jonah Shacknai, stated that Restylane is, “the first and only hyaluronic acid dermal filler approved in the United States for lip augmentation.”