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Dr. Carey Nease Explains Otoplasty

Dr Carey Nease

Unlike many cosmetic procedures, otoplasty, or cosmetic surgery for the ears, can be performed on patients as young as 5 years old. While often performed to reduce the appearance of protruding ears, otoplasty is more than just ear pinning.

In this edition of Inside Cosmetic Surgery, we speak to Dr. Carey Nease, a facial plastic surgery specialist, about this delicate procedure.

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Facial Implants of the Jaw, Cheek and Chin – Dr. Bruce Chisholm

Dr Bruce Chisholm

In this edition of Inside Cosmetic Surgery, we speak with American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery member, Dr. Bruce Chisholm. He specializes in above the neck procedures, and gives us great info on facial implants of the cheek, chin, and jaw areas.

Dr. Chisholm also speaks on the trend of moving away from the tightening and pulling of facelifts, toward re-volumizing particular areas of the face through facial implants and injectable fillers.

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Dr. Briggs Cook on the Integration of Ophthalmology with Facial Plastic Surgery

dr briggs cook

As our Inside Cosmetic Surgery series continues, we learn about the integration of ophthalmology with facial plastic surgery. Very few areas on our body are more sensitive than they eyes. We speak with Ophthalmologist and facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Briggs Cook, of Charlotte, NC, on this delicate balance. He also tells you why seeking an ophthalmologist for your eyelid surgery may be better than seeing a general practitioner.

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S Lift Facelift

Our faces are vital parts of our bodies. Our feelings are shown through our faces and facial expressions. It is true that while our faces showcase the emotions that we feel, however, they should not reveal our real age. Nowadays, people are very wary of their physical appearance. They are doing everything not only for […]

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I-Brite for Brighter Eyes

Although it may not be known to many, there are countless of people who are suffering from discoloration of the sclera, otherwise called the white of the eye. An eye whitening treatment developed by Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler called I-Brite, however, aims to help people who are suffering from this ailment. I-Brite takes off a […]

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Lifestyle Lift 101

Lifestyle Lift, an alternate facial cosmetic surgery procedure, has been making waves since its inception in 2001. Basically, the treatment works much like a traditional facelift, only its creators assert that it is safer, cheaper, and more convenient than the latter. The procedure was caught in a controversy, though, when the New York Attorney General […]

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Advanta is a needle procedure to augment the face by the use of implants. It requires multiple injections and minor surgery to insert the implant to give the selected area a younger and more defined look. It also enhances the contour and fullness of the lips, which restores it into its plump shape, as well […]

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Jaw Implants

One would think that having imposing and prominent jaws should be reserved for men, after all, it is a sign of masculinity. There are very few women who can pull off having prominent jaws without looking too manly,  two examples being Kiera Knightley and Courtney Thorne-Smith. While having too much of a jaw can have […]

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