Bra line back lift

Bring Your Sexy Back

A common concern for most women fighting the battle of the bulge would be back fat. Back fat manifests itself through excess skin folds over and under the bra line. A well-fitted bra is sure to expose this problem, as the garter digs into the excess fat, resulting in those unsightly layers of ‘love handles’. This can surely ruin a planned bikini holiday or a dinner date in that new body-tight dress. And even under the cover of a trusty t-shirt, back fat just cannot be concealed.

So, how does one get rid of pesky back fat? New procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery has been innovated to specifically target those excess rolls of skin: the bra line back lift.

What is the Bra Line Back Lift?

First, a note of clarification; back lift surgery does not remove fat. Liposuction is the surgical procedure that does that. Back lift surgery, on the other hand, contours the back by flattening out excess folds of tissue for a tighter and sexier-looking back.

Ideally, candidates for this operation are already physically fit. It may come as a surprise to some, but doctors find that even the most physically fit patients have trouble with back fat. This is just one case where a lot of exercise and dieting will not work because extra skin and back fat is usually the fault of genetics.

How it’s done

During consultation, the surgeon may give the patient instructions in order to prepare for the upcoming procedure. This may involve a prescribed diet. The patient may also be prohibited from smoking cigarettes thirty days before the operation, and from taking certain drugs like aspirin, as this may lead to excessive bleeding during the surgery.

Prior to the operation, the doctor will make pre-operative marks by tracing the patient’s bra line. Areas where excess folds of skin and fat are visible will be marked and delineated for removal during the operation.

General anesthesia is normally administered, and the operation itself could last for about an hour. During back lift surgery, it has been reported that up to eight or nine inches of excess skin may be removed.

After the surgery, the patient is advised to avoid any strenuous activity such as lifting heavy weights and engaging in intensive exercise. Stretching the back’s skin must also be avoided, so the patient must refrain from raising her arms above her head or bending over.

Risks and benefits

Some known risks of undergoing the bra line back lift procedure include bleeding, infection, visible scars, risks regarding the use of anesthetics, and death. However, these are risks common to all kinds of surgery, and studies have shown that patients that have actually undergone surgery experienced only minimal complications afterwards.

On average, the procedure may cost $7,500 to $10,000. This is considerably a fair price to pay in exchange for the benefits of the procedure. The new bra line back lift operation promises immediate results, short time recovery, hidden bra line scar—and of course, the patient’s overall satisfaction with a sexier-looking back.