Wearing a brassiere is very important for a woman. It holds up the breasts so that they are supported, leaving the woman free to move about with ease. Though this may be true, most women, at some point, find wearing bras bothersome. Face it, wearing an elastic strap around the chest all day does not really spell comfort at all.

Bras can feel too tight and too constricting so that there is a tendency to feel like the woman is having a hard time breathing. They can make a person feel irritated as they sometimes feel too hot to wear as the day goes on. Aside from this, picking a wrong bra can spell wardrobe malfunction. Many women end up choosing a bra that does not fit the contour of their breasts perfectly, so they end up with their bust line looking too big or too flat.

There are a lot more issues that women face when it comes to wearing their brassieres. But one thing is certain—a woman just cannot do without her bra. She needs her bra in order to support her bust line. The bra also hones the shape of the breasts so that they look firm. Ultimately, women wear bras in order to delay what is inherent with age; drooping and sagging.

Cosmetic surgeons have developed the breast lift as a solution to this problem. But still, breast lifts will not keep one’s breasts supported. Furthermore, with or without breast lift, the patient’s breasts will eventually sag. So, cosmetic doctors have come up with a new technology called the breform.

The breform is simply an internal bra that is surgically placed under the skin layer of the breasts. From the words ‘breast’ and ‘reform’, one can surmise that this new cosmetic procedure aims to give women the support they need from an ordinary bra without the pesky straps and hooks.

The internal bra is a thin piece of mesh that is shaped into a breast cup. The mesh is made of polyester material, which is perfectly safe to use as an implant. This material is not biodegradable, so there is no worry about it rotting inside the patient’s breast after insertion. The same polyester material has also been used in a number of other medical procedures in the past and have been proven to be completely safe to use.

Breform works by inserting the internal bra into an incision made around the patient’s areola. The polyester cup will cover the mass of fat and tissue that make up the breast. It is then sutured in such a manner that the cup ends up lifting the breast mass, thus providing support. Firmer and youthful looking breasts then result from the surgery.

Breform is recommended for women who have sagging, medium-sized breasts. For women who have larger breast sizes, it is recommended that they first go through breast reduction surgery before they undergo the breform procedure.

Getting breform is like getting a permanent bra—a bra for which one would never have to worry about straps, and cup-size mishaps. It should fit the patient perfectly, and leave the patient feeling comfortable and free.