Cinderella ProcedureThe Cinderella procedure is a cosmetic foot surgery that makes women’s wide feet narrowed. Women, over the years, have been forced to wear shoes that make their feet hurt or does not suit their feet. To make women not wear high heels is quite futile because in today’s society working women are expected to look their best by wearing these high heeled shoes.

The Cinderella is not only a modern way of correcting foot deformities for women. They are also painless. This is actually an advantage since the surgeries that are available these days actually causes women extreme pain even if it’s just a minor surgery. As much as possible, women try to avoid painless procedures for themselves. Moreover, the Cinderella procedure entails only a short period for recovery. As early as 4 weeks after the procedure, the woman can go back to wearing her high heels again.

There are many methods in a Cinderella procedure. These may actually include methods of toe-shortening so that the person who is undergoing this operation wouldn’t have to squeeze her feet in her high heel shoes. Some women just can’t seem to find the perfect pair of heels that won’t make her feet hurt a lot. This corrects the foot deformities of the person. Fat injections are also administered to the feet of the person undergoing the Cinderella procedure so that it can create a cushion-like thing on the feet making them capable of wearing heels for many hours. This decreases the pain experienced when wearing shoes like high heels.

The Cinderella procedure is also done so that women can fit their feet in smaller shoes. This was also done in China and Japan centuries ago by foot-binding. It was believed before that having small feet make a woman look more attractive. Furthermore, people subscribed to the idea that small feet translates to a woman being good in bed sexually.

Painful bunions are also removed through the Cinderella procedure. These bunions may have resulted from wearing shoes that are not suitable for the person who owns them. It is a foot shaving method that either lengthens or shortens the size of the feet of an individual. Some people have foot deformities and these can be removed by this kind of procedure. Cosmetic or Orthopedic surgeons can perform the Cinderella procedure.

An operation named as “The Perfect 10!” is administered to make the toes look better especially when the person is wearing open toe foot wear. Even Botox can be injected in the feet not to remove wrinkles and lines but for prevention of fungal growth. Botox can also help decrease sweating for the feet.

However, if one feels that he or she is not ready to make major adjustments to his or herself especially if it’s a cosmetic surgery then there are other alternatives. One alternative is undergoing a physical therapy to correct deformities. Just because surgeons suggest that foot surgery should be done solely for deformities, the otherwise is happening to many women who feel it necessary to have great looking feet.