Facelifts have always proven to be one of the most, if not the most popular plastic surgery procedure available today. It shaves years off a person’s face, making them look younger and more lively, by reducing any sagging skin around the jaw and neck, removing wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, and overall “lifting” the face. This, however, doesn’t come without a price, as facelifts are invasive, requiring incisions on the skin and flesh, and will require a significant amount of recovery time.

This problem is prevented, however, by a non-invasive alternative that still yields the same results. Enter, the thread lift.

The thread lift is a revolutionary technology that gives the look of a facelift in a significantly less-invasive manner, by removing the need for large amounts of incisions, that will require the patient, not only to be anesthetized and sedated, but will need a long recovery time before results will be visible.

The technology makes use of thin threads with barbs, or notches, that are inserted through small cuts made in critical points of the face. These threads are then inserted into the subcutaneous parts of the face’s skin. Once the skin is caught by the barbs, the surgeon then pulls back the threads, “lifting” the face and eliminating wrinkles, sagging skin, and lines, to make the face smoother and younger looking.

And because of the very little incisions, this procedure is often done without, or with very little anesthesia, and will not require the patient to be anesthetized. Most importantly, is that this procedure only takes one to two hours to finish, and the results are instantly seen. This means, that upon finishing, the patient can see the new appearance, and can immediately give feedback to the surgeon for any changes needed.

These changes are then possible because the treatment is reversible and changable, allowing the surgeon to give the most control to the patient, resulting in more satisfying results. Once the patient has approved of any changes, the surgeon can then knot the threads, hiding them and they becoming invisible under the skin, thus completing the threadlift procedure.

Advancements in this field of plastic surgery have produced the Contour Thread Lift, a thread which is made of polypropylene, a more precise, a clear, and non-absorbable thread. It is is more precise because, unlike normal threads, Contour Threads are guided along contour lines, inserted through small cuts just above the patient’s hairline, moving downward. The end result is an augmented version of normal threads, giving a more accurate, more natural looking facelift.

While the advantages of it being non-invasive, and requiring no recovery time are already amazing, the biggest advantage of thread lifts is its cost. A typical thread lift procedure costs significantly less than the normal facelift, because it does not use much anesthesia, and does not require special equipment. In some cases even, thread lifts cost less than half of the cost of the traditional facelift.