Cosmetic eye surgery is a procedure to lift the eyelids and can provide a much more youthful appearance – even increasing the vision in those with sagging eyelids.

Eyelid surgery is also called blepharoplasty. It is a procedure that is commonly performed on older people or people with excessive skin that is around the eyes. It improves the appearance of the eyes, particular the upper eyelids by removing the skin that has eliminated the “fold” over the eyeball.cosmetic eye surgery

Sometimes this extra skin can begin to obscure the vision by falling down in front of the eye. Cosmetic eye surgery will correct this problem and is sometimes chosen by persons of Asian descent to establish an eyelid crease to have rounder, more western appearing eyes. Eyelid plastic surgery has been successful in thousands of people to restore or change the appearance and to improve vision.

During reconstructive eyelid surgery, you will be placed under anesthesia. Most patients and cosmetic surgeons will choose to use general anesthesia as working near the eyes can be difficult for the physician and disturbing for the patient.

The oculoplastic surgeon will then make a careful incision in the crease of the eye where the natural structure of the eye will hide the minimal scarring after healing. After the incision is made, excessive skin and possibly fat tissue will be removed as needed to sculpture they eyelid to the natural shape of the eye.

If needed, another careful incision will be made along the lower eyelashes to remove excess skin and tissue from the lower lid.

After eye lift surgery, the incision will be carefully closed with sutures (removable or absorbable) and bandages will be placed on top of the eyes. Lubricant and antibiotic ointments may be used to keep the eye tissues soft and pliable and to promote healing after cosmetic eye surgery.

After a period of time with bandaging, which may include compresses, the dressings will be removed allowing for fairly normal vision. This may be done within the day but may require longer and some bandaging may be left behind for several days. Most patients are advised to rest for at least 24 hours and may be required to perform only light duty activities for a week or so but others can return to work after several days.

Most people experience some pain, bruising and swelling after plastic surgery for the eyes but within several months will have complete recovery and be much happier with the appearance of the eyes. To ensure a good outcome from healing, post operative instructions should be followed exactly.

As the eyes are one of the first things noticed by many people, getting the right cosmetic eye surgeon is an important issue. When selecting a surgeon you should be sure that they have a good reputation and are qualified and experienced in performing cosmetic eye surgery.

Adequate research, a thorough interview and examination of before and after eye surgery pictures of previous procedures will allow you to be sure that you have selected the best possible surgeon to perform your eye lift.