cosmetic surgery face liftCosmetic surgery face lift procedures are fairly commonplace today and can improve one’s appearance and quality of life.

In previous times, getting a face lift was limited to Hollywood stars and would most likely result in an obvious tight faced, artificial appearance.  Times have changed and having any type of cosmetic surgery procedure is much less invasive, costly and results in a more natural return to younger looks.

What are the Benefits of Facelift Surgery?

A face lift performed by a qualified plastic surgeon can have positive benefits for appearance, health and emotion.  Looking younger can help one feel younger.  Feeling younger and better about oneself boosts self esteem and can even result in positive health benefits.

Plastic surgery can restore youth by eliminating sagging skin, smoothing lines and creases, restoring muscle tone and eliminating fat that has fallen creating the appearance of jowls or a double chin.

How is a Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Cosmetic surgery face lift is known by the medical term “rhytidectomy” and starts with an incision above and around the hairline surrounding the face.  This allows the plastic surgeon to tighten and remove skin and facial tissues that have fallen with age.  The incision will be skillfully minimized and hidden in the hairline and around the ears.

Often a face lift can be combined with liposuction to remove fat in the cheeks and chin area to provide a smooth, younger contoured look with dramatic results.

How Long Does it Take to Recover?

A surgical face lift will result in facial bruising and swelling which will usually subside after two to three weeks.  Those who undergo surgical face lifts should expect to be off of work for at least one or two weeks due to appearance.

Optimum results from plastic surgery face lifts will usually be seen around one month after surgery.  Scarring from current face lift technologies may be visible for up to one year but should be minimal after fading.

Other Options to Cosmetic Surgery

Though surgical face lifts may produce dramatic results, some people aren’t quite ready and choose to undergo a face lift without surgery, a much less invasive procedure. In face laser surgery, a plastic surgeon uses highly focused light to remove the top skin tissue layer. This can resurface skin and reduce sagging and deep seated wrinkles. It may also reduce scarring, acne pock marks and the appearance of enlarged pores.

Getting a face lift without surgery using a laser may delay the need for an actual surgical procedure, allowing the patient to have a rejuvenated appearance and wait a few years before undergoing invasive surgery.

Other women choose to have additional cosmetic procedures performed at the same time such as breast lift or tummy tuck.  Combining more than one cosmetic procedure may reduce the cost and recovery time of the total body makeover.