Skin aging comes in 4 forms: gravity causing sagging, loss of elasticity leading to wrinkles, age spots and loss of volume due to loss of the skin’s framework (collagen).

To fight the signs of aging, you can improve skin texture and appearance with laser skin resurfacing or chemical peel. You can plump up hollow spots and creases with Botox or collagen injections. cosmetic surgery faceliftGravity and sagging, however, can only be effectively combated one way: the facelift.

If your face or neck or both is loose, jiggly or saggy, then you may be a candidate for a facelift. Facelifts are excellent to improve sagging in the midface, deep skin creases, fallen or displaced fat, jowls and sagging at the nasolabial fold.

Facelifts come in many variations and treat mild to severe facial sagging. There are facelifts available that have minimal incision and scarring (endoscopic) that treat mild sagging, and there are others (deep plane) that effectively treat severe facial sag. Techniques and approaches are constantly improving, and chances are, if you have facial sag that bothers you, there is a procedure that would be perfect.

Facelifts have evolved to meet a whole variety of sagging skin needs. It is important to remember that the more sagging skin you have, then the more invasive procedure you will need to get the results you desire. More invasive generally means higher costs and longer recovery period, but the results last longer as well.

Facelifts can be done in conjunction with other treatments – this saves you time (less time on the table and less recovery time) and money (one anesthesia cost instead of two or more). If you are considering multiple procedures, talk to your doctor about having more than one done at the same time. Facelifts have been successful performed in conjunction with eye lifts, brow lifts, chin implants, neck lifts, etc.

Facelifts are effective in combating sag at the jaw line, the cheeks and the nasolabial folds. The neck, brow, forehead, and eyelids are less affected by a facelift, which is why you may consider having more than one procedure done at the same time. Talk with your doctor. A neck lift at the same time is an especially useful procedure to provide balance and a more youthful appearance.

When considering a facelift, decide beforehand what your goals and expectations are. Are you looking for a subtle improvement that won’t attract unwanted attention? Maybe a thread lift is for you. Do you have neck sag that has been bothering you for years? A more dramatic SMAS lift would be a good recommendation for you.

Unfortunately, a facelift does not stop your skin from aging permanently. Nothing does that! Eventually, dependent on the procedure done, you skin may start to loosen and sag again. Secondary facelifts are pretty common. In a secondary facelift, the skin is repositions and tightened. Often times, the secondary procedures are much quicker and less invasive than the original procedure.