DIY cosmeticsIf you are above the age of 18 and are of sound mind (legally speaking), you can do just about anything you want to yourself. Watch any extreme sports show or “World’s Greatest” show if you do not agree. This even means that you can practice medicine on yourself (NOT others) even if you never attended a day of medical school. But does this mean that you should?

Few among us would attempt brain surgery on ourselves, but the proposition becomes less and less bizarre as the procedure is less and less invasive. On the face of it, at home laser hair removal seems pretty reasonable—at least it sounds more reasonable that an at home appendectomy. Some people already get (and give themselves) tattoos. How much different is DIY Botox?

As with anything that you do to yourself, you should 1) know what you are doing and 2) understand the consequences of your actions. Take DIY Botox, for example. Did you know that, pound for pound, botulinum toxin is the most potent toxin on the planet? Sure it is the most popular cosmetic treatment as well, but the molecule in Botox is also the most potent natural paralytic agent known to man. Is that really something that you want to be injecting into your own face?

Okay, forget about DIY Botox and focus on other injectable DIY cosmetics like various dermal fillers. How many injections have you given yourself? If you are not diabetic or an IV drug user, the answer is probably close to zero. While it may seem pretty easy to put a little something here and there, physicians know the position and course of each muscle, nerve, and blood vessel in your face. Do you?

While you may be able to find do it yourself botox kits online or might even be able to compile a reasonable cocktail of substances for a dermal filler or Mesotherapy treatment, most people (including your doctor) would recommend against doing it.

At home laser hair removal, is a little safer but still a fairly risky endeavor when done by someone without the proper training. For starters, laser light energy can cause immediate and permanent retinal damage. In other words, if you shine a laser in your eyes, you will go blind. Also, depending on the strength and intensity, lasers can cause serious skin burns. Can these consequences be avoided if you are careful? Yes. Should you put yourself at risk to save a few dollars by doing DIY cosmetics and at home laser hair removal? Only you can decide if the savings are worth the risk.