eMatrix rejuvenationSkin rejuvenation is a trend in cosmetics today because people are more aware of the harm our environment can to our skin. Many seek to undo the damage by avoiding the sources or applying lotions, but there are instances that we cannot avoid factors like pollution and harmful sun rays.

This is the reason why many cosmeticians advise their patients to get a laser or light skin treatment and have the body heal itself naturally with collagen. Unfortunately, this type of treatment is expensive as well as people who are dark skinned and those who are prone to keloid scarring. Many even settle for topical treatments because of the downtime it brings such as swelling, blisters and scabs.

Sublative rejuvenation is a safe and effective non-surgical skin treatment used to correct textural irregularities and remove signs of skin aging without great side-effects. The idea is created for people who do not want risks of discoloration and the downtime associated with it but is actually similar to the other treatments available today.

It forces the skin to produce new cells which are smoother and more elastic to replace the old and damaged skin cells by surface ablation. The only difference is that uses a new technology called eMatrix which delivers energy to the skin with fractional bi-polar radio frequency. This way, it does not contribute to pigmentation and therefore does not discolor the skin.

Procedure: A quick glance at eMatrix

Sublative rejuvenation is a simple operation which does not typically take more than about 15 minutes to administer. However, the procedure is uncomfortable in a heavy frequency and many complain about prickly sensations. This is the reason why some may require a topical anesthesia which takes about roughly 30 minutes to an hour to take effect.

It starts off by washing then wiping the face with any sort of antiseptic such as alcohol. Next, the device is set to the appropriate joule and is pointed to the area that needs work. It is nice to say that the procedure requires nothing else but this, because the patient will only be prescribed some antibiotics and pain-relievers if necessary.

Additionally, it is a standalone procedure, but can be mixed with other methods such as botox, chemical peels and the like. For the best results, you can schedule a follow-up appointment with your physician after 4 – 6 weeks.

Side-effects and downtime: Pros and cons

eMatrix is actually holds the quickest recovery time of all skin tightening procedures. The procedure temporary leaves dots on the area of treatment, and a mild treatment can take about a day before it disappears. This is followed about a week of dryness.

A severe treatment however, can take about 2 – 3 days before the dots blend in the skin. The side effects can easily be concealed with make-up. The effects of the procedure can take up until 3 months to reach maturity, but the changes can be seen for at least for a first few weeks because the procedure attracts water to the skin, giving a healthy glow.

Lastly, sublative rejuvenation is only about a third of the price compared to other methods, ranging for about $700 - $1200 per treatment.