gummy bear breast implantsA woman’s breasts have become a symbol for her sexuality, and it is considered by most as the part of the body that needs to be kept in the best shape. Women enhance their physical beauty to fulfill their need to radiate their youthfulness and womanhood. Willing to go as far as cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, one of the female testimonies to artificial beauty is breast augmentation.

There are a variety of ways to augment one’s breast.  Saline and silicone implants have been the most popular methods. Recently, however, a new silicone method made its debut after getting FDA Approval in 2006. Commonly called gummy bear breast implants, the cohesive gel breast implants have by far, been the biggest buzz in breast augmentation.

Gummy Bear Feel vs. its Predecessors

Gummy bear breast implants are implants that come in the form of implant products that use a firmer and solidified silicone gel as its base. The reason why it has been given the gummy bear pseudonym is because of how it reacts when you cut it. When you slice into it,, you will feel a sensation not unlike how gummy bear candies feel like: a soft solid that does not spill when its outer shell is ruptured.

Before the gummy bear breast implants were introduced, the most popular methods were the saline and the silicon implants. Saline implants are silicone rubber shells filled with saline solution, and formed to the desired shape of the patient. Silicone implants, on the other hand, are implants pre-filled with a fat-like silicone substance. It is fluid and sticky.

For a long time, the use of these implants were all the rage, until certain drawbacks started becoming apparent. Problems arise when the implant shells are ruptured. Saline implants deflate when ruptured, and the liquid that spills out will eventually be absorbed by the body. You can just insert another implant afterward, however.

Silicone implant rupture, on the other hand, may cause breast pain or deformity to a patient’s breast, and needs surgery to be removed from the body.

Compared to its two predecessors, gummy bear breast implants will hold together when ruptured. This is because it is solidified, and comes with a thicker outer shell. Moreover, this implant feels more natural to the touch than the other two, and there is the apparent lack of a watery sound when the breasts move around (unlike saline solution implants).

Appearance-wise, the gummy bear implants are like nothing you’ve ever seen. The solidified gel’s consistency makes your breast look more natural. They hold their form, and will not likely wither, ripple or lose their shape over time. With these new breast implants, sagging risks are also lessened.

Gummy bear implants actually have almost the same composition as that of silicone breast implants. The only difference is that they have stabilized the bonds using cross-linkers, helping the molecules better bond to each other, thereby creating a more stable shape.

How will you know if Gummy Bear Breast Implants are for You?

These implants are open to first timers in breast augmentation, patients who wish to undergo breast augmentation revision, or to those who underwent mastectomy and need breast reconstruction. However, patients with specific medical problems need to reconsider. To be able to get the implant, a willing participant will undergo ten years of follow-up check up, and should live within the area of the surgeon.