liposuction-tumescentLiposuction was introduced in the late ’70’s to extract unwanted fat from nearly all areas of the body. The tumescent liposuction method of liposuction was introduced in the ’80’s as a major advancement that would revolutionize the procedure.

The uses of tumescent liposuction lets dermatologic surgeons effectively and safely extract superficial and deep layers of fat using local anesthesia with very little pain and virtually no complications, as well as increased cosmetic improvements.

No deaths have been reported with tumescent liposuction. There is a faster healing time, allowing individuals to return to work within days following tumescent liposuction.


The cost of tumescent liposuction depends on individual necessities, as well as geographical location. The national average procedure costs $2,500 to $3,000 for the first procedure. Insurance will not cover the surgery because tumescent liposuction is an elective treatment.


In tumescent liposuction, the technique is enhanced by the use of a special solution for use on targeted areas. These areas are injected with the solution allowing fatty tissue to swell up. The injected solution includes a local anesthetic that will numb the targeted area in addition to temporarily constricting blood vessels.

A tiny tubular device will be used to transfer the treated excess fat into a sterile collection system. These components will come together, resulting in maximized post-operative pain, decreased bruising, reduced blood loss and fat removal. The local anesthetic will linger in the targeted area for 24 hours, allowing the patient to experience minimized post-operative discomfort.

Side Effects

Tumescent liposuction, when accomplished by experienced plastic surgeons, is an extremely safe technique for the removal of fat. Complications that could occur include scarring, infections, numbness, loose skin, unevenness, and irregularity in the skin’s surface. Usually, complications are uncommon and easily resolved.


Recovery time is very minimal and most patients can resume normal activities within five to seven days. An elastic compression garment will have to be worn after tumescent liposuction to help the skin contract and heal. After tumescent liposuction is completed, many individuals can return to a light work load within a few days.

Long-Term Benefits

There will be immediate results in physical appearance. Final results will be evident within six weeks. Some patients have experienced between two to four drops in clothing size. Since fat cells are permanently resolved by tumescent liposuction, weight gain will usually not happen in the treated areas. A proper diet and exercise routine must be followed to maintain weight and keep fat gain under control.