Madonna Eye LiftThe Madonna Lift (Madonna Eye Lift) is a type of laser eye lift that was developed by Dr. Bruce Katz, the director of New York’s Juva Skin and Laser Center. The procedure, unlike other conventional operations, does not use incisions as part of the treatment. Instead, a SmartSkin Fractional Laser is used on the eyes to help the patient get a younger and more youthful appearance.

The operation is performed on people who want to eliminate their crow’s feet, eye wrinkles and sags. Once the operation finished, the skin looks firmer and tighter by removing the hooded look and fine lines. The only problem it doesn’t solve is bulging eye pads.

The procedure can be done on anybody in any age group, and does not discolor the skin. However, there are still guidelines to be followed. You still need to undergo a spot test on the eyelid area before and after the operation to make sure that you can completely undergo the operation with very little problems.

Basically, this fractional resurfacing treatment uses a laser that breaks into microscopic columns to remove old, damaged collagen and elastic fibers so the skin can grow new ones. The laser leaves temporary whitish dots which are channels for the new tissue.#


According to Dr. Katz, the laser that is included in the operation is also used for other skin treatments on different parts of the body. Previously, the use of the laser was not permitted because the area of treatment is around the eyes, which is a very sensitive part of the body. Dr. Katz then thought of using protective metal eye shields to deflect the rays from the pupil.

First, the cosmetic surgeon diagnoses the severity of the skin. He then explains the procedure and proposes a schedule on which the patient will receive treatment.

Once the information has been properly disseminated to the client, the practitioner makes necessary preparations on the area around the eyes, such as sterilizing the region. He also makes sure there are no hindrances for the procedure like unhealthy eyes or skin conditions near the area of treatment.

The patient is given a sanitized bed to lie down on, and a numbing cream is applied around the eyes for about fifteen minutes.

After the cream has taken effect, the eye shields are put in place. The laser treatment is administered on the patient. This stage does not take more than ten to fifteen minutes.

The shields are taken out and the area around the eyes is cleaned. The patient is given a short amount of time to rest their eyes before going back to their daily lives. The doctor reminds the client of the dates of his follow-up treatment or check-up, and is allowed to leave.

Post-operative care includes using sunscreen to protect the open pores from UV rays. This is common for any laser treatment. Depending on the results, the patient will be asked to return for three to five additional sessions, two to three weeks apart.


There are no major side effects on performing the operation. The patient may experience redness of the skin on the affected areas for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. This, however, can be hidden by make up right after the procedure. The client may also encounter blurriness of the eyesight, but this should go away once their eyes adjust to the light.

Effectiveness and Price

A recent study on some three hundred subjects who underwent the procedure showed consistent and impressive results. The Madonna Eye Lift Ttreatment is expected to last for several years after completion. Each session costs around $600 to $800, depending on the severity.