non invasive body slimmingDespite society’s acceptance of the different cosmetic procedures available, there are still reasons why most people choose not to go under the knife. The biggest reason would have to be the individual’s innate fear of blood and pain.

People are usually afraid that surgical cosmetic procedures will be the cause of more discomfort than they can handle. Because of this, they would rather stick to the traditional exercise and diet route, even if it takes more time and energy.

What Is Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo, sometimes referred to as Smart Lipo, is the newest method in the body contouring field. It uses the latest laser technology to melt the fat in any part of the body and to tighten the skin around the area. It is  a non invasive body slimming treatment that is both harmless and painless.

Anybody who wants to lose fat fast can undergo the laser lipo treatment. It is especially effective in removing localized fat from any part of the body. The treatment can help patients lose as much as 3,500 milliliters of fat in one sitting. However, people with diabetes, kidney problems, and blood disorders are advised against undergoing this treatment; because the treatment follows a complicated process, people with these ailments may experience different undesirable side effects. The procedure may actually do them more harm than good.

If you find that you are a qualified candidate for Smart Lipo, don’t forget to consult your cosmetic specialist to find which areas you need to target.  The length and the amount of treatment will also depend on how much help you need.

How the Laser Lipo Process Works

After applying topical and injectable anesthesia , your physician will then make a small incision on the area that you want to target. He will then insert a very small cannula that bears the laser fibers into your skin. This will be used to guide the energy towards unwanted fatty tissues.

A small amount of liquefied fat will be absorbed by the body and used in for different natural purposes. The remaining fat will then be suctioned out through the incision.

Smart Lipo procedures require minimal recovery and down time. Sessions usually take about one two three hours, after which the patients can go about the rest normal routine.

Laser Lipo v Traditional Lipo

There is no doubt that Laser Lipo procedures are less traumatic than traditional liposuction methods. In the first place, the incision done on the skin is smaller. This means that there will be less swelling and bruising. Also, the cannula used for Laser Lipo is smaller. This causes minimal trauma to your tissues because its suction power is not as harsh.

The laser used in the procedure also has a tightening effect on the skin. Your body is stimulated to produce collagen that contracts skin around the area. Unlike with traditional liposuction that usually leaves the skin stretched, you won’t have to undergo any tucking procedure anymore.

Finally, Laser Lipo can also target different areas that cannot be reached by traditional lipo. It’s an effective way to melt fat off of hard to reach areas like the neck and the underarms.