Younger and healthier looking skin is attainable through many methods in the field of cosmetic enhancement. Constant developments permit more effective facial treatments to be introduced. Traditional methods of facial rejuvenation are gradually being replaced by less aggressive techniques that produce better results. An example of this is the Pearl laser treatment. Also labeled a thermal peel, this treatment brings back youth to the face by getting rid of skin that is battered by age and sun exposure. Other parts of the body, like the neck and chest, can also be repaired by the Pearl treatment.

How does the Pearl Laser treatment rejuvenate the skin?

The laser used in this type of skin enhancement is called the Pearl fractional laser. This laser can reach particular facial areas and penetrate to specific depths. There are two levels of treatment that occur during the procedure. The laser peeling of the damaged skin is the first level of treatment. In order to shield the treated area, a natural dressing forms on the skin during the laser exposure. Next, collagen production is also increased as the laser permeates the skin and heats the underlying tissue. This will guarantee that the results of the procedure will last a long period of time.

How does the treatment go?

An anesthetic cream is initially applied on the face to lessen the heating sensation caused by the Pearl fractional laser. Although generally painless, patients will feel mild discomfort during the procedure so a numbing agent must be used. After this step, the Pearl laser is shone on the face in a preset route.

How much time will the treatment take?

The duration of the Pearl laser treatment takes between fifteen to twenty minutes. Usually, one treatment session is enough, although there are some patients who are required to return for a supplementary one.

What is the downtime of the procedure?

The recovery period for the Pearl laser treatment is relatively short. In fact, patients can go back to their regular routines after the procedure is done.

How much time before results manifest?

It takes three to four days for noticeable changes to occur. The protective covering created by the Pearl laser starts to disappear around this time, exposing a new and healthier layer of skin. Make-up can be applied again once the three-day mark is reached.

Is the treatment available for everybody?

Not everyone can receive the Pearl laser treatment. Only people that have skin types I-III can opt for this facial enhancement method. because of the lightening nature of the treatment, people who have darker skin would have to choose another method.

What are the side effects of the treatment?

The skin will naturally redden and peel after the treatment. In general, the face seems sunburned for some time after the treatment. Within three to four days, these side effects should no longer be a problem. Sun exposure must also be avoided so that the effects of the Pearl Laser Procedure would not be rendered useless.