Many devices and pills offer instant penis enlargement with “guaranteed success”. Chances are though, if a man is truly unhappy with the length of his penis, he will need to consider penis lengthening surgery.

About Penis Lengthening


Up to one third of the length of the penis is actually inside the body. It is attached to the pubic bone on the underside by two ligaments known as the fundiform and suspensory ligaments. The suspensory ligament is on the top of the penis and the fundiform ligament is on the bottom.

Surgical penis lengthening will involve the release or disconnection of the suspensory ligament from the pubic bone. This allows the penis to protrude on a path that is directly ahead giving the patient the appearance of a longer penis.

Penis lengthening techniques have been used since the 1970’s and have been successful at lengthening the penis in cases of congenital abnormality, trauma, cancer or a condition known as “Peyronie’s disease” which causes the penis to constrict or bend.

Recovery from Surgery to Lengthen your Penis

Following penis lengthening surgery, the penis and scrotum will be sore for several weeks. Swelling and discomfort are also common and most patients are advised to rest for several days before returning to normal activity.

Care should be taken to follow the post operative instructions to minimize the risk of infection and to ensure the maximum success. Some cosmetic surgeons recommend that post penis enhancement surgical patients wear a specially designed dressing equipped with weights to continue to lengthen the penis.

The main focus of penis lengthening is the removal of the tendon that provides suspension. In some cases, though the penis is longer, some control may have been lost. The penis, after surgery, is often pointed in a downward position and some men are unhappy with the results.

This, along with other risks and possibilities, is important to discuss with a qualified plastic surgeon. Predictable risks such as pain, scarring and the risk of infection also exist but can be minimized by following post surgery instructions exactly.

Many men choose to have other penis enhancement procedures done at the same time such as penis girth enhancement. Combining the two procedures may increase the size of the penis in all directions. It will also mean that the recovery time will be slightly longer as it involves the implantation of tissue such as fat or grafted tissue from a donor.

Penis lengthening prices may vary from location to location as well as the cost of penis enhancement being different based on the number of other procedures performed at the same time. The cost of penis lengthening should not be the first thing considered in choosing a physician.

In fact, one should also be sure to examine a number of penis lengthening before and after photos provided by the plastic surgeon you are considering ensuring that he or she is qualified and experienced at performing other penile lengthening surgeries.