Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeons

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According to statistics, a massive number of searches about cosmetic plastic surgery on the Internet come from the state of Pennsylvania. These Internet inquiries are made from the major cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. While Philadelphia is in the middle of an enormous metro area that covers state lines, Pittsburgh is a considerably smaller metro area and the people’s avid interest in aesthetic surgery is somewhat surprising.

pennsylvania cosmetic surgeryNonetheless, Web searches from these cities will most likely lead one to a number of board certified plastic surgeons, many of them well-established with large clinics in the area. Some of the professionals even have clinics in more than one location. So the huge number of Internet searches would not be a surprise. While there is a host of surgeons situated in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, a lot of them are found in suburbs like Jenkintown, Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, and Huntingdon Park.

Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon Specialties

Often, plastic surgeons specialize in specific body rejuvenation procedures like tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, and breast reduction. Other doctors, however, have a more holistic approach and focus on body sculpting—a treatment that involves several methods like tummy tucks, liposuction, body lifts, and so on. Both approaches are represented by Philadelphia and Pittsburgh surgery clinics. Many of them offer reconstructive as well as aesthetic surgery.

Further, several Pennsylvania plastic surgeons have concentrated in one area. For instance, one focuses only on fillers like Botox as well as epidermal treatments like hair removal and plasma resurfacing. Quite a few of the state’s surgeons specialize in breast enhancement treatments, which include both breastaugmentation and reduction. Others specialize in facial and neck procedures.

The state is also home to quality educational institutions. Temple University’s Medical School offers clinical programs for both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. For aesthetic surgery clinics that prefer a more traditional medical resource, the Temple University Health System can be a good choice. Also, surgeons affiliated with education institutions are generally updated with new developments in the field.

Pennsylvania Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Although new surgery equipment and procedures are created every now and then, surgery itself is still an invasive undertaking. Patients will have to undergo the knife, be operated on, and injected with anesthesia. It is important for patients to submit a report of their medical history because side effects may happen if they had past illnesses that are rather delicate.Pennsylvanian plastic surgeons know this and most of them do not proceed with the plastic surgery if a patient has previous major health problems.