portrait plasmaAs technology advances, medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery treatments become easier and pain-free. Patients may now avail of different procedures that are not only harmless but painless as well. Given that they have the money, people may now battle off the effects of time with minimal side effects and with absolutely no mortal risks.

Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation in the latest innovation in skin therapy. Like other dermal procedures, it’s main goal is to remove the traces of fine lines brought about by age. It can also minimize the appearance of age spots and wrinkles that may cause you to look older that you actually are.

However, unlike other treatments that use laser or injection treatments, Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration uses the active elements of plasma energy to keep the skin looking young. It also induces the skin to produce collagen, which is the natural anti-aging chemical of the body.

How Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation Works

An electronic hand instrument is used to direct the plasma energy into the skin. This process heats up the skin tissues without burning or causing any irreparable damage. In turn, this stimulates the skin to produce more collagen than it needs. This is how Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation lessens the signs of aging. Completely removing the lines and discolorations is impossible. However, the high level of collagen in the skin minimizes these signs and makes them less noticeable.

One full face session will only last for 45 minutes. Patients can expect to see results immediately after the session. Even better, they will experience continues improvement on the texture of their face. As long as the skin is producing large amounts of collagen, lines will get finer and discolorations will lighten.

However, the results of Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation is highly localized. You will only see improvements one the treated area. If you want to see results on other parts of your face, you would have to undergo another treatment.

Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation Vs. Other Skin Treatments

Unlike other treatments whose effects may take a few days to be obvious, the results of Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation may be seen right away. This procedure also leads the skin to produce collagen even after treatment. You will experience continues improvement as long as the stimulation from the machine hasn’t worn off. Studies have reported that patients skin produce a high level of collagen for up to a year after the treatment. This means that your skin will improve steadily for a year after the Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation procedure.

It also has the least downtime among the different dermal procedures. Patients have experienced minimal swelling and bruising. Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation uses an instrument that direct plasma energy to the skin without even having direct contact to it. It stimulates the skin from well below the surface without the use of incisions or injections.