tickle lipoToday, it seems that everybody is getting liposuction work done. Liposuction, or lipoplasty,  has indeed been established as the predominant fat removal method in cosmetic surgery. However, patients and cosmetic doctors alike have expressed their concern about the safety of the procedure.

Many critics of the conventional lipoplasty procedure point out that the operation may have adverse effects on the human body. Patients have experienced pain and discomfort during the recovery stage as the body tries to cope with the physical trauma of the surgery. There was also some concern about the use of general anesthesia in the operation. As in any medical operation, having the patient under anesthetics can prove to be a risk.

In view of this, cosmetic doctors have worked towards improving the procedure. Over the past decades, lipoplasty surgery has become a lot safer and effective, thanks to the innovations created by different cosmetic surgeons. Variations of the lipoplasty procedure such as the new tickle lipo are now becoming vastly popular.

What is Tickle Lipo?

Custom acoustic liposuction, more popularly referred to as tickle lipo, is a cosmetic fat removal procedure that is aided by sound waves.

Basically, lipoplasty works by extracting fat tissues from the body via suction. Although it has been proven to be effective, the patient’s body may experience trauma from such a method. To make it easier on the patient’s body, cosmetic doctors have found gentler ways to remove the fat tissues from the rest of the body mass. Such methods mainly involve the physical or chemical break-down of the fatty mass before suction is applied.

Some variations of lipoplasty like the Jet liposuction method uses water to break up the fat mass. Water is flushed with such pressure through the incisions that it physically breaks up the fat into smaller masses. These smaller masses of fat can then be easily extracted through suction. Tickle lipo has the same principle, although instead of using pressurized water to break up the fat, it uses acoustic vibrations. The acoustic vibrations is given off by a cannula that is specially designed for this type of procedure.

All liposuction operations make use of a cannula to extract the fat. The cannula is a tube-like device through which suction is applied. In tickle lipo, the tip of the cannula is vibrated by passing high-pressurized air through it. As the cannula is inserted to remove the fat, the fat masses are broken up into smaller pieces. These smaller masses of fat are then sucked in by the device.

Benefits of Tickle Lipo

The Food and Drug Administration has passed its approval for this new lipoplastic procedure. Tickle lipo has received good reviews for its safeness. Unlike traditional lipoplasty methods, this procedure does not use heat to break down the fat. This makes it much safer since there is no risk of burning the other bodily tissues that surround the fatty mass.

Furthermore, only local anesthesia is needed for the operation, thus making the recuperation period easier for the patient.