The process of face reshaping has alternative names, such as “facial sculpture”, and a “bone cutting procedure”.

There are an endless number of reasons why people go into these surgeries. There are people who get into accidents and even children that have facial disfigurement. There might also be issues about some facial features not fitting your face.

One shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting facial restructuring. This procedure can easily make drastic changes to your way of life.

When we say “face reshaping”, it doesn’t necessarily mean the whole face, as it holds various procedures.

Starting with the nose: The public has a general idea that a noselift or nose job would refer to a procedure called rhinoplasty. In such a procedure, corrective measures are done to reconstruct the whole nose without affecting the organ’s functions.

This is done by creating a separate nasal framework and re-attaching it as the new form of the nose In order to create a new form for the nose, the nasal framework is cut and reshaped, after which, it is re-attached.

Otoplasty, on the other hand, is an ear-related procedure. Referred to normally as an ear pinning procedure, this is for people whose ears protrude quite a ways off from the head.

The deformity also affects the person’s hearing in most cases, so the procedure isn’t only for aesthetics. This is done by reshaping the ear and pinning back the ear closer to the head through sutures.

The next procedure to be discussed is chin implantation, or genioplasty, which is intended to aesthetically enhance otherwise weak or underdeveloped chins. It brings the chin forward through the use of implants, placing them on the more prominent areas, helping the chin look more masculine.

People having a face that is too square can consider cheek implantation for accentuating their otherwise weak cheeks.

The procedure is the same as with the chin; it involves placing an implant over the prominent area of the cheek. This is good for making people look younger, as some people do have sagging cheeks that are unflattering and make them look older than their actual age.

“Lipoplasty combined with buccal lipectomy effectively decreased the fullness of the lower face and improved facial contour in the bottom-heavy face and chubby face.

A skin-tightening face lift may also be necessary in patients with neck laxity. Fat grafting was used to fill in depressions or defects in the gaunt face and to treat midface retrusion and facial asymmetry.”

-Pub Med

Fat suctioning is more commonly known as liposuction/lipoplasty. This can also be done to certain spots throughout the face. More specifically, the neck area under the chin, the folds between the corner of the mouth and the nose and the jowl are those that can undergo the procedure.

Straightening of the jaw is the literal meaning of orthognathic surgery; in the first few applications during the 19th century, it was used to fix the closure of the anterior bites. This surgery cuts through the problematic mandibles as a way of remedying the problem exhibited by the patient. Jaw implants differ from genioplasty in that it literally elongates the face via the cutting of the bone, instead of using implants.

Confidence is crucial to a better and healthier life. The many procedures that encompass facial reshaping should not be taken in with shame, because it gives self assurance and confidence that everyone needs to live a healthy and happy life.