smoothshapes cellulite treatmentYou are dreading the arrival of summer because you can’t bear wearing a bikini and have other people see the cellulite on your body. So, what do you do? You have tried those creams that claim to reduce cellulite and it didn’t give you satisfaction. As for surgery, you’d rather avoid it like the plague. The problem you’ve got is one that many people have. Famous people also have a problem with ridding themselves of cellulite. A vast majority of women over puberty, 85-98%, will have cellulite on their body. Smoothshapes with photomology is what the stars chose and now is the time for you to decide if it is what you should choose too. Cellulite reduction is attained by the Smoothshapes System with photomology, a new technology that uses lasers, light, vacuum, and mechanical rollers.

How Does SmoothShapes Work?

Smoothshapes utilizes a 915nm (nanometer) laser that transforms the fat under the skin into liquid. A 650nm light then allows the now liquid fat to travel through the tissues of the body much easier. Finally, liquefied fat goes into the lymph nodes with some coaxing from the vacuum, and your circulation is enhanced by the massage rollers. Once the entire process is done, your body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems will eliminate the fat from your body as waste. An additional benefit of the massage is that it gives you smoother and firmer skin.

What to Expect After a SmoothShapes with Photomology Session

There is no recovery time from surgery, because the FDA approved Smoothshapes with photomology does not use any blades or needles. You will have the impression that you have been through a very challenging workout after your first session. Once two weeks of treatments have elapsed, you will experience tingly skin and it will turn reddish. You should have clean skin before each session, so you should exfoliate and not apply any lotions, oils, or tanning products. Ice packs are applied on treated areas should the patient experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure,  she can consume over-the-counter pain medication.

After having a couple of treatments per week for four weeks, the patient will be able to see changes on their bodies. You only need to spend 20 minutes in each session. If you want to get rid of cellulite from different sections of your body, it may take longer than four weeks of treatments, but you will be informed of this from the very start. After the treatments are done, your skin will heal and produce collagen for six months which improves its look and feel. If your doctor deems that you need more treatment after these six months, he may require you to come back for further sessions.

Smoothshapes does not promise weight loss. When performed alongside a good diet and regular exercise, what you will get with the Smoothshapes System is cellulite reduction and smoother, younger looking skin. A scheduled liposuction procedure should not be a deterrent to having Smoothshapes treatments. You might actually require less time to heal from liposuction when you do elect to get Smoothshapes treatments.

Candidates for SmootheShapes

Although most people can undergo Smoothshapes, it isn’t for everybody. Women who are carrying a baby or who are still breastfeeding their children may not have the treatments. Since people who are affected by some types of asthma or who have had congestive heart failure may encounter some complications due to the additional drainage from the lymph nodes, they may not have the treatments.

Talk to your local cosmetic surgeon or medical spa to see if Smoothshapes with photomology is right for you.