Spider veins can be the bane of a woman’s existence.  Developing in adulthood, spider veins may prevent one from desiring to wear leg baring clothing such as shorts or skirts.  Most women who have them are embarrassed because their legs begin to look like “grandma’s”.  One option to remedy this problem is to have spider vein treatment.

About Spider Veins

spider vein treatment

Spider veins are a small type of varicose veins, also known as telangiectasias which are stretched out blood vessels that appear on the surface of the skin. They are called spider veins because the appearance is that of a red or blue web of veins similar to a spider’s web.  Usually they appear on the legs of women as they age but sometimes other locations and in men as well.

Varicose veins are caused by loss of elasticity in the blood vessels causing a swollen appearance near the skin surface.  Many people are genetically prone to the condition but some develop it as an occupational hazard.  Men are not generally as likely to pursue spider vein treatment as women are.

Spider Vein Treatment

There are several treatment options for those who wish to improve the appearance of their legs including:

  • Topical Skin Creams
  • Laser Treatment
  • Sclerosing Therapy
  • Surgical Removal

Several creams are available that claim to be effective spider vein treatments.  These creams may contain a variety of ingredients that are reported to strengthen or shrink swollen blood vessel tissue such as Vitamin K, Aloe Vera, Theophylline and Horse Chestnut.  Some people experience positive results from the use of topical creams while others see little improvement.

Laser Treatment may be an option for people with spider veins.  Laser treatments can be performed at many plastic surgery centers and will use focused light to destroy the veins.  Destruction of these small veins will reduce the appearance of the spider vein web without harm to the surrounding tissue.  Laser treatment for spiderveins should be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon as it requires specialized training.

Sclerosing Therapy involves injection of a concentrated saline solution into the affected veins.  This method of spidervein treatment will also destroy the small blood vessels with little effect on the rest of the leg though some pain and bruising may be experienced.  Sclerosing therapy should only be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon or certified physician.

Surgical Removal is generally reserved for more serious cases of varicose veins where the affected veins are large and swollen. Some types of varicose veins can be extremely painful which causes the need for immediate treatment.  Surgical removal of veins should only be performed by a qualified physician as it is an actual surgical procedure.  Surgery is an extreme option for removal of irritating or painful veins but it is usually not required for spider vein treatment.