spiral_flapBreast deformity is a common side effect of losing too much weight, pregnancy or aging. Almost every women complain of dissatisfaction with her breasts’ size or position. Fortunately, there are different cosmetic surgery procedures that can help remedy this situation. However, they come with different threats and side effects that could lead the way to more complex medical problems.

Breast augmentation that uses implants and gels used to be the most effective way to improve the breasts’ appearance. Thousands of breast augmentation surgeries are performed in the United States every year. However, there are some reports that have exposed different dangers that silicone gel and other implants could cause. Patients who have undergone implant surgeries consistently face risks of rupturing, hematoma, and capsular contracture.

Over the years, doctors have managed to develop a breast augmentation technique that does not use synthetic fillers to give the breasts a better lift and shape. Spiral flap breast surgery completely removes unnecessary risks that patients bear when they go through other implant-assisted augmentation treatments.

Spiral Flap Breast Lift Technique

The spiral flap breast surgery is developed by Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, a clinical professor of who teaches under the University of Pittsburg’s plastic surgery program. He has developed a way to help women who have lost great amount of weight to get a more favorable image of their body.

In a nutshell, a spiral flap procedure is breast augmentation without implants. Instead of using synthetic silicone implants, fat and skin grafted from another part of the body is shaped and used as an alternative filler. Using your own skin instead of an unnatural material eliminates risks of infection or bursting. However, there is a slightly bigger chance of swelling and excessive bleeding because it requires more complex steps than the usual breast augmentation process.

Spiral Flap Procedure

First, you and your cosmetic surgeon will decide where you will get the flap that will be used in the surgery. Common sources include the abdomen, the lower chest area and the upper arms. After confirming that you do have enough fat and skin on your preferred grafting area, enough tissue will be cut off and rotated in place.

The flap is then used to augment the breasts and to improve their shape and their positioning.

This procedure works best for women who have undergone massive weight loss, and who have a significant amount of loose skin on the mid-area. A spiral flap breast surgery will both get rid of unsightly folds and give the breasts a better shape.

Risks of Spiral Flap Surgery

However, patients who choose to undergo the spiral flap breast lift technique will not be able to gauge their new breast size until all the swelling from the operation has disappeared. Even the doctors who perform the surgeries cannot accurately predict the final size of the breasts.

The possibility of tissue death is present as well. If the attached tissue fails to reconnect the the blood stream, it will die and need to be removed.