Hydrogel Butt Injections… Because You Are Unhappy With Your Figure… But Is There A Much Safer Alternative?

Hydrogel butt injections are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that make the posterior area more substantial…in a good way.

The main components of the injection solution are water and polyacrylamide. Once the solution enters the body, the polyacrylamide acts as a filler to add to the size of the butt and give patients a more shapely silhouette.

The effects of these injections are impermanent – they disappear after about eighteen months. The United States government has yet to legalize this buttocks enhancement procedure. However, there is still a thriving foreign market for these butt injections.

Who Is This Procedure For?

In theory, people who want extra volume in their backside are suitable candidates for this cosmetic surgery.

Females who want that Coca-Cola bottle figure are the usual patients of this hydrogel procedure.

People of all ages can also ideally obtain hydrogel butt injections. Most doctors, however, do not recommend getting this type of butt enhancement. They recommend instead safer, legitimate, more effective, and permanent procedures such as The Brazilian Butt Lift.

What to Expect

Hydrogel injection procedures are accomplished faster than more aggressive methods of butt enhancement. Treatments never need more than an hour or two. Consulting with the doctor about the enhancement areas must be carried out before anything else. These locations are marked to serve as patterns during the actual injection.
Hydrogel Injections

It is necessary to make a small cut on the skin for the entry of the cannula. This instrument is responsible for applying the polyacrylamide solution to the muscle tissues. One treatment area is usually injected a number of times. Massages are periodically given to the injected areas so that the fillers diffuse evenly to form the right shape. The use of compression bandages for the operation area contributes to recuperation.

There is only a small amount of discomfort experienced in butt injections. The recovery period is short as well. The swelling in the buttocks caused by the procedure should subside within forty-eight hours. Body temperature will slightly vacillate, while shape irregularity in the buttocks is another normal side effect. Result manifestation happens within two weeks from the injection.

Things To Think About

Hydrogel butt injections are illegal in the United States for a number of reasons. The ultimate reason is the inferior manufacturing standards of the solutions. These fillers are often cheaply made and unregulated. There may be harmful impurities and contaminants present in the solutions. However, there is still a market for hydrogel injections.

There are self-administered hydrogel kits available through different shady sources. The risks are magnified in these situations because a certain level of expertise is needed to implement these procedures properly. Two women have already been reported to experience complications from do-it-yourself hydrogel shots that jeopardized their health.

The literal and figurative price of hydrogel butt injections can be astounding. One cubic centimeter (cc) of hydrogel is priced at three to five hundred dollars. A butt injection uses hundreds of cc’s which makes the total amount to be spent quite high. But before that, one must consider the substantial health risk posed by the procedure. Since there is no assurances that the hydrogel solutions are safe, those who get hydrogel injections are gambling with their lives.

Miami Thong Lift

Achieving that perfect body will not be complete for some women without getting better-looking bottoms. One of the most recent cosmetic surgery procedures to be developed in the United States, Miami Thong, is feeding the needs of countless people. Dr. Constantino Mendieta, who learned his surgical techniques in Brazil, is the man behind said butt augmentation procedure. Miami Thong uses the patient’s own body fat instead of implants to make one’s bottom curvier.

Who’s in and who’s out for Miami Thong

Even if it is the latest craze in the cosmetic surgery field these days, Miami Thong is still not for everyone. The butt lift procedure is advised against skinny women since it uses the person’s own body fat to augment one’s buttocks. Average-sized and overweight women are better candidates for Miami Thong because of the nature of the operation .

The procedure can be dangerous for thin women since they do not have enough body fat to spare. Before they are allowed to undergo the procedure, these patients are usually asked by their doctors to gain more weight. Thinner women can go for buttock implants instead if they don’t want to wait.

The procedure

Miami Thong uses the patient’s own body fat instead of implants. The process involved in this butt lift procedure, fat transfer, has been used in other cosmetic operations as well. Fat is taken from other parts of the patient’s body, usually from the abdomen, flanks, hips, lower back and thighs. No harm will be done since Miami Thong only gets the excess fat deposits from these areas.

A small incision is made on the area where fat is to be taken to enable the insertion of a thin cannula. To make sure that the fat cells are not damaged, a gentle liposuction device is used to get the deposits from the patient’s body. The live fat cells are purified and then injected into the patient’s buttocks through another small incision. The scar brought about by the procedure can easily be covered.

The risks in Miami Thong

Just like any other surgical procedure, Miami Thong also involves some risks. Since the butt augmentation procedure utilizes fat transfer instead of implants, there is a high possibility for the fat injected to be re-absorbed by the body. This will eventually cause the patient’s but cheeks to differ in size.

To be able to live, the injected fat cells must be surrounded by healthy tissues so that they can develop their own blood supply. Fat transfer is a process that is still being used by other surgical procedures until this day. However, these procedures only require fat transfer on smaller scales as opposed to Miami Thong.

There is really nothing wrong in wanting to improve the way you look. By looking good, one may feel better about themselves, and boost their confidence as well. Before making the decision to undergo any surgical procedure, however, it would greatly help if you read more about it. Set up a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon so you can be sure that you are getting all the correct information.

Buttock Implants

In today’s culture, full bodied figures are the in thing, as popularized by such women like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, and Tyra Banks, all of whom are proud owners of round and imposing buttocks. But not everyone is gifted with such plump rear ends, which is why plastic surgery has now developed an operation designed to give those with flat buttocks the enhancement they need; silicone buttock implants.

butt implantsLike its more popular cousin, the breast implant, buttock implants involve the use of artificial implants made of silicone that are inserted into the buttocks to augment its size, making it rounder, larger, and more pronounced. Buttock implants are commonly stronger in composition that breast implants because the buttocks are usually under more physical pressure than the breasts, with activities such as sitting, walking, and even just standing exerting pressure on that muscle group.

The implants are inserted on top of the muscles that are located just above the sitting area and below the surrounding fascia. This is done to secure the implants properly and to prevent them from being dislodged. There are some techniques though, that place the implants under the muscles, instead of over them. These have the effect of “hiding” the implants, so the touch of the buttocks feel more natural.

Buttocks implants surgery can take around two to four hours to finish, depending on the skill of the doctor, the techniques applied, and the patient’s body and requirements. Most of the time patients are not even required to stay in the hospital. Clinics are a good enough venue for the performance of the surgery, and patients can be sent home within hours of finishing the procedure.

Buttocks implant surgery can be painful, as it stretches the tissues, and depending on the size of the implants applied, the tissues can be stretched to their very limits. The pain can also vary with the varieties of implants that are placed underneath the muscles.

However, while the pain will be at its peak during the first two days or so, it will begin to subside, usually on the third day, especially if the patient is diligent in taking the medications prescribed by the surgeon. These will usually be composed of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, and pain medications in order to help alleviate the pain, and the feeling of being sore and stiff.

Through plastic surgery, buttock implants can give the end result of having a more shapely, more imposing rear end. This can enhance a person’s appearance and give them a more feminine, more sensual appearance. Majority of buttocks implants surgery patients are very satisfied with the results. Some of the advantages are purely ornamental; these include having a figure more suited to wear long dresses, having more well-rounded buttocks for bikinis during summer, and being able to wear apple bottom jeans.

Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks augmentation is a procedure in plastic surgery that is steadily gaining popularity, since the look of rotund and feminine behinds have increased in popularity in recent years. As demonstrated by celebrities like Tyra Banks, Beyonce Knowles, and the ever-popular Jennifer Lopez, round buttocks are sexy and are assets of sorts to the average female—and to the odd male.

butt-augmentationBut not everyone is gifted with such impressive rear ends, which is why buttocks augmentation has become a regular item on the treatment list when people opt for plastic surgery options.

There are a number of options when one wishes to undergo buttocks augmentation. The first is having a butt implant procedure. Butt implants are quite similar to breast implants in that it involves the use of artificial implants made of synthetic materials—such as silicone–that are then placed inside the buttocks, usually on top of the muscles located around the sitting area, to increase its size and modify its shape. This is commonly used to make it rounder and more accentuated.

There are some butt implants that are placed underneath the muscles, as opposed to the more traditional method of placing it over them. These can be more painful and require more skilled doctors, but the end result is having the effect of “hidden” implants, giving the buttocks a more natural feel when touched.

Another procedure that can be received is the Brazilian buttock augmentation, more popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift. This is an alternative to implants, and can help the patient in hitting two birds with one stone.

The Brazilian butt lift works by taking the fat that already exists in the body, usually from the waist or abdomen area, and inserting it in the buttocks to augment and enlarge it. This generally means that the patient will undergo both liposuction and buttocks augmentation, which results in a leaner look from where the fat was drained, and a more natural feel to the buttocks where the fat was transferred.

Brazilian butt lifts also have less risk because the fat cells injected into the patient’s body are their own, thus reducing any adverse side effects from the procedure.

Usually, butt implant procedures last around 2-4 hours, depending on the doctor’s skill and the patient’s requirements. No hospitalization is needed for the most part, with clinics sending patients home a few hours after the surgery.

But recovery time can be anywhere from one to two weeks, depending on the patient’s own physiology. It is recommended that patients diligently take the antibiotics, painkillers, and any other prescribed medication by the surgeon to ensure rapid and proper recovery. It is also recommended for people to wear special garments that can control outside pressure on the buttocks area. If done correctly, the patient should be back to normal within a month.

Buttocks Implants

In not so recent years, the thought of wanting a bigger butt was unthinkable! Now with the popularity of “real women” who are not “model thin” but are instead actual, normal sized women with actual curves, the idea of getting a buttocks implant is gaining in popularity. If you are considering getting buttocks implants, there are a few things you may want to know about the options available.

The buttocks are an area of the body where exercise will not necessarily enlarge or shape it into a more pleasing appearance. The shape of the gluteal muscles are largely determined by heritage and while some people in certain ethnic groups tend to have pleasing “bubble shaped” buttocks, those with other heritage do not and may be unhappy with a flat rear.

In addition, the buttocks tend to fall with age resulting in a flabby, saggy appearance. This can mean that some pants such as tight fitting jeans do not look as good and some women may be embarrassed to appear in bathing suits or other revealing garments because of the appearance.

Getting buttock implants may improve the appearance with a more youthful rear end and some cultures think a well shaped buttocks region is the mark of fertility, considering those with larger buttocks to be more attractive.

If you have been unhappy with the appearance or lack of an attractive buttocks region, a buttocks augmentation procedure may be the answer for you but you have several choices to make regarding size, shape and type.

There are several techniques for performing buttock implant surgery including:

  • Brazilian buttocks – a specifically designed procedure using fat transplants liposuctioned from another area of the body such as the thighs or abdomen and transplanting it with buttocks fat injections carefully inserted into the buttocks area.
  • Buttocks Lifts – a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to remove extra skin which may have sagged due to weight loss or aging processes which will tighten and restore the buttocks to a more youthful appearance. This procedure may be combined with another lift procedure such as thigh lift or tummy tuck or may be done along with a butt implantation procedure.
  • Buttocks Augmentation with Implants – specially designed silicone implants, similar in structure to breast implants may be placed into the buttocks area. This is occasionally the only choice for people who do not have enough fat to transplant into the buttocks area.

Whichever type of buttocks implants you decide to get, you must be sure to select a qualified plastic surgeon. To ensure that you are using the right doctor, you must do some research, be sure that he or she is qualified and experienced in buttocks implant surgery.

He should also conduct a thorough consultation where you will come to understand the specific nature of the procedure, the buttocks implant costs, the risks and the recovery time. He will also be able to show you a number of buttock implants before and after photos so that you will see for yourself, the results that can be achieved.

Butt Lift

butt-liftYour rear end doesn’t have to get left behind in your beautification process. A better figure can sometimes be achieved through enhancement of what lies behind- your buttocks.

The lifting of this part of the body is no longer limited to the bulking up of foam in your undergarments to make it look fuller. It can now be done through plastic surgery.

There are two types of surgical procedures that can make this happen: the first type is through the insertion of artificial buttock implants and second is the micro grafting of fats harvested from your own body.

Artificial Implants

Solid or semisolid implants that are teardrop, oval or egg shaped are inserted under the upper muscles of the buttocks. The materials are usually made of silicone that prevents leaking and gives the feel and consistency of the real buttocks.

An incision of about two or three inches is made in the crease between the butt cheeks, where the implants can be slipped in between the muscle gluteus maximus and the fascia or connective tissues surrounding the muscle. They are implanted into the upper portion so that you do not sit on them.

The shape and size of the implants to be inserted will be determined by your cosmetic surgeon to properly match your body type. The implants are permanent, thus they need not be replaced later on. This method is a popular butt enhancer; however it has more associated complications than that of fat grafting.

Fat Grafting

The Brazilian butt lift is the other term for the butt enhancing procedure making use of your own fats from different areas of the body. Liposuction is typically done to shape the butt and harvest the unwanted fats from other parts of your body such as those from the abdomen, thighs, flanks and lower back.

The combination of liposuction and injection yields a more natural looking body profile. The collected fats will then be processed and injected in very thin layers to the muscles and subcutaneous tissues of your buttocks.

Due to the natural resorption of the introduced fats by about 30%, the volume will diminish over time, necessitating repeat procedures after a few months.

Suitable Candidates for a Butt Lift

Persons unhappy with how their behind looks like could go through the butt lift surgery if they are 18 years old or older, have good general health condition, is psychologically fit and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome.


Both the application of implants and fat grafting require general anaesthesia, done on an outpatient basis. It is important for your cosmetic surgeon to gather information about your, medical history, maintenance medications and other relevant information to ensure your safety.

If you are a smoker, you will be asked to refrain from smoking for a while because it could interfere with your natural healing process. Pre-operative laboratory tests will be done around 10 days prior to your butt lift to rule out bleeding disorders and check for your general health status.

After the Surgery

You are not advised to drive yourself home because of the general anaesthesia that may leave you groggy for several hours. Enlist the help of a relative or a friend to assist you after the operation. Having buttock implants will also not allow you to sit for long periods of time for at least 2 weeks.

You will have to sleep on your stomach for the first 2 week and make sure you put cushion on your butt when sitting. The healing period of a butt lift plastic surgery is more challenging than having a breast implant because your gluteal muscles are important for sitting, standing and walking. These simple activities will be difficult to execute post-surgery but pain medications should lessen the discomfort.

Possible Risks and Complications

The risks are usually minor. Note that the application of artificial implants carry more risks than surgery through fat grafting.

During liposuction for harvesting of fats, there could be an altered sensation within the area, manifesting through either pain or numbness. Massaging it could help improve the circulation and bring back the normal sensation in a few months. In rare cases, this could be permanent.

There may be swelling and bruising of the butt lift site, which could extend towards the dependent areas like the back of your thighs and the genitalia. These, should however resolve in less than 2 months. Post-operative pain can be managed through the intake of analgesics that your doctor will prescribe.

The areas injected with fat could show some dimpling or contour irregularities due to the uneven absorption of the fat. Scarring can also occur, hardening the tissues. Asymmetry may likewise be accentuated in the presence of spine deformities.

In rare instances, severe complications may arise. These include infections, embolism, protrusion of implants due to excessive pressure, injury to the sciatic nerve, and reactions to anaesthesia. To learn more about the safety of butt augmentation, talk to your plastic surgeon regarding your concerns.

Cost of Buttock Surgery

In general, a butt lift may range from $4,000 to $10,000. Micro fat grafting typically costs more than the insertion of artificial implants. For a more accurate approximation of the costs, you may ask for a quote from your cosmetic surgeon.