To eliminate acne, skin discolorations, enlarged pores, and other facial problems, a number of people choose to get facial peels. There are variations to this procedure called chemical peels that make use of special solutions to enliven the skin. An example of a chemical peel is the VI Peel.

The VI Peel solution contains acids which improve the natural exfoliating powers of the skin. Dead skin is removed from the face faster so a fresh layer of skin is revealed. The amount of collagen produced, which is an important factor of skin health, is also increased in this facial peel.


The VI Peel is for people who are looking for a more efficient way of eliminating skin afflictions and age marks. Neither age nor skin type would prohibit a person from availing this chemical peel procedure. The method is harmless for children - twelve-year olds have been remedied for acne using the VI solution. The technique is just as effective for adults as well. Most facial peels don’t work on darker skin tones, but the VI Peel is similarly effective for such type of people.

How It Works

Conventional facial peels usually need the skin to undergo preconditioning routines before the actual application of the solution. On the other hand, no such thing is needed in a VI treatment. Skin cleansing and eye protection are the only steps taken at the start of the procedure.

The VI solution is then lathered on the surface of the skin for thirty minutes. This is allowed to remain on the face for five hours before it is washed off. Patients are not kept down by the treatment; they can even go home and return to their usual activities immediately after the serum is applied. There is little to no pain in this chemical peel - patients will most likely only feel a prickling sensation during the process.

Peeling starts in about three to seven days. Drinking lots of fluids and avoiding sun exposure contribute to better results. Multiple sessions are also necessary for more enduring effects.

Things to Consider

Like other facial peel procedures, the VI Peel involves certain side effects as well. Temporary and permanent changes in skin tone are possible effects of the treatment. Procedural side effects may also include burns and scars, which can be avoided through correct post-op care. There is also a possibility that infections and cold sores would be developed - this doesn’t happen often, though. If one has a heart condition or is currently a patient of intense medical procedures such as chemotherapy, then he or she is not viable for this chemical peel. To avoid complications, those who have recently received facial surgery are not suited to the VI Peel as well.

The VI Peel procedure can be the answer to one’s facial afflictions. The FDA has yet to approve the particular combination of acids for the VI solution, but each ingredient is individually approved already. Despite this, the four to five hundred dollar-treatment is still offered at a wide scale in the United States.