Erchonia, the makers of Zerona, have quite possibly discovered the key to cold laser weight loss. The Zerona device uses cold laser technology, that is, lasers that perform near body temperature, to destroy fat cells under the skin. In more traditional laser liposuction, the laser is affixed to a cannula that is inserted under the skin through an incision. With Zerona, the cold laser energy is simply aimed at the target area without a single cut. In actuality, Zerona cold laser technology is forcing a new definition of laser liposuction.

If you have ever seen the Zerona technology shown on television or in the media, it looks unrealistic. The Zerona device is suspended above the patient and emits several, thin red lights that swirl and circle the treatment area. However what scientific studies on the subject indicate is that because of the wavelength of light used in the Zerona cold laser system, certain molecules within cells are preferentially targeted and destroyed. A molecule known as cytochrome c oxidase acts as a photoacceptor, which means the light energy that strikes it is absorbed by the molecule. Because cytochrome c oxidase is very important to the function of mitochondria and the cell itself, when this molecule is disrupted, the cell is weakened or dies. The result is that large fat cells shrink and smaller fat cells simply die. Fat that is released by broken cells is absorbed by the lymphatic system and metabolized or excreted.

Quite astonishingly, a patient undergoing this minimally invasive lipo (or really non-invasive lipo) feels nothing; no heat, no burning, no pain. There is no need for anesthesia and there is virtually no recovery time. Unlike related “cold laser” technologies like Accent, VelaShape, and Thermage, Zerona does not heat the skin. Treatment takes six, 40 minute sessions administered every other week. Both the front and back of the abdomen are treated, each treatment lasting 20 minutes. Hips and upper thighs are also included in the treatment area. Upper arms, upper back fat, inner knees, and buttocks can be targeted though there is a maximum area that the Zerona system can reach in a single treatment session.

One clinical study documented that patients experienced weight loss of three and a half inches from waist, hips, and thighs with Zerona. The weight loss that is achieved with this specific form of laser liposuction can be quite long lasting assuming that patients maintain good physical fitness and dietary habits. In fact, while most patients are candidates for Zerona cold laser treatment, those that can expect to receive the most noticeable results are those that only need minimal weight loss in order to achieve their goals. If necessary, Zerona treatment can be repeated (another six cycles).

The Zerona device has been cleared by the FDA and the makers of the device report few complications or side effects if any. As with any cosmetic procedure, this laser liposuction is not covered by health insurance.