Have you had enough of the pain involved with beautification?

BOTOX Gel is a new beauty product that decreases and removes wrinkles with no needles associated.

This contains the same toxin used in normal Botox injections. The gel contains botulinum toxin type A and a peptide carrier, which helps the botulinum toxin gel penetrate the skin.

One of the studies shows a positive result with an 89% rating out of ninety people who used the active BOTOX gel treatment.

One hundred eighty persons were asked for the second study, they showed good improvement after four weeks with 41%.

The product still is not forwarded to FDA for approval because it’s still in the phase II testing stage but it has been getting positive feedback from people.

Needle Free BOTOX

The traditional Botox process is fairly easy, first thing you have to do is to concentrate on the muscle or the area in which the formula is to be injected.

There are different occasions in which the Botox is used not just in beautification; muscle spasms in the face or other area, twitching of the eyelid, muscle spasms in the neck or cervical dystonia and proper alignment of the eyes or strabismus.

The process of having Botox isn’t complicated, the next process is having the muscles that gives you wrinkles, furrows and frown lines be injected.

The treatment is done promptly but it still doesn’t cover the pain involved in the injection;compared to the Botox Gel which you just have to apply to your face.

The normal Botox procedure doesn’t require the aid of anesthesia to numb the pain unless the patient asks. Upon injecting the Botox, the process of blocking the nerve transmitters is between the timeframe of two to ten days. There is no sensory deprivation upon getting the botulinum toxin A.

Drinking any alcoholic beverages is not allowed 7 days before the Botox treatment. Botox treatment is commonly knows as the wrinkle treatment, getting this treatment can result to having minor bruises as a side effect.

Do not take any medications such as aspirin and the like after getting the treatment as it won’t help in decreasing the bruises.

Benefits of using BOTOX Gel

Millions have tried Botox and most of them are happy with the results and compared to other beauty regimens, this is less expensive.

Slight pain is present in getting the wrinkle treatment but it gives you instant results. Getting the same old Botox gives you same old pain. The Botox Gel gives you all the benefits of a regular Botox but with no pain.

No need for injecting Botox, no need for pain, just apply the Botox gel to your face, wipe it after half an hour then just continue on with what your doing, results will show in about a month . If you don’t like needles injected on your skin then the Botox Gel is for you.

Why the Botox Gel gets the best value for you money? You don’t have to set an appointment and drive all the way to the doctor’s office to get a painful Botox injection when you buy your Botox Gel.

The process of utilizing the Botox Gel is much simpler than the traditional Botox treatment , let the gel rest and permeate your skin for about thirty minutes then wipe it after, the benefits of having the botox gel is beautifies both the inside and outside of the skin.

There is something to be said about a product who is still under testing stage but has already gotten excellent feedback, that is new Botox Gel.

The test results gave out a good result of 89% after one month of usage. If you’re tired of the same pain from needles when having Botox injections, try the new Botox gel.