laser face liftAccuLift is a thirty minute laser face lift developed by Dr. Daniel Man M.D. This procedure is considered as one of the best alternatives to traditional or surgical face lifts, as it is requires less sutures, less recovery time and most importantly, less money.

The procedure utilizes an AccuSculpt 1444 nm-wavelength laser that removes fat and tightens the skin instantly, with lasting results. It has been described as a process that is like a mix of facial dermal fillers and lift surgery, wherein the accumulated fats would be taken out to bring the patient’s face back to its youthful proportion. This treatment can be given to anybody from any age group that wants to remove sagging skin, folds, and lines, as well as to people who want to improve the eye area and cheeks.

One interesting feature of AccuLift is the time frame allotted to the procedure, and the estimated downtime compared to other cosmetic surgeries. The procedure takes less than an hour, and the recovery time isn’t even half as long as other surgeries. Effects can last for up to ten years.


AccuLift is actually a fairly straightforward surgery. The whole operation is done in a sterile environment, and all the equipment are ensured clean and safe to use. The process usually starts with administering a local anesthesia of sorts—covering the affected area with numbing cream for about a few minutes until the medication takes effect.

Since AccuLift uses a thin needle to melt fat, the doctor punctures areas that needs work, usually on the cheeks near the ear, the sides of the nose, and the chin. The needle is then inserted, and the laser is turned on. The surgeon directs the laser to the affected areas. Once one area is done, the practitioner will remove the needle, clean up the area, and administer the laser to another part of the face until all the affected areas are covered.


There are no know side-effects of the procedure. Many of the patients who went through the Acculift are satisfied with the results, and are enjoying the benefits of looking five to ten years younger than they are. However, since this is new technology, there has not yet been enough clinical research to determine how long the procedure can last.


There are only a few physicians licensed to conduct the AccuLift procedure in the United States. On top of that, there are only a small number of clinics that have this technology on hand. However, this innovative way of face lifting has cut the prices of traditional face lifts up to a third; the prices vary from where you are located to how much work is done on the operation. Figure-wise, the procedure should cost from $2000 to $4500.