Bigger breasts are usually hereditary. But there are times when very large breasts bring certain consciousness to women.

The medical science has come up with a breast reduction surgery in order to help women to lessen their overly large breasts. Some women are still hesitant to undergo traditional breast reduction because of scarring.

A scarless breast reduction is now suggested to reduce breast size. The popular liposuction method is incorporated in the scarless breast reduction surgery.

To reduce the size of the breast, the fatty tissues must be removed through liposuction. Unlike with the traditional breast reduction surgery, the incision made in this method is hidden under the breast.

A surgical tube called cannula is inserted in the incision to perform liposuction. This kind of procedure does not only set you free from scars but also leaves the nipples intact, unlike with the traditional breast reduction surgeries.

The scarless breast reduction is often beneficial to women who want to reduce the size of her breast by one to two cup sizes. There are times when large breasts do not seem to be valuable, especially when they give neck, shoulder and back pains.

Another benefit of obtaining scarless breast reduction is that it actually improves not only the size of a very large breast, but also its appearance which leads to improved self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence and insecurity are the common struggles of women with very big breasts.

Most of the time, the surgeon gives out further pointers after the surgery to help the patient in recovering.

The patient must follow the instructions given to speed up recovery. Usually, the recovery period lasts up to three months. To lessen the side effects of the scarless breast reduction surgery, some surgeons make effort to employ special techniques.

To support the breasts more after surgery, a sports bra is usually recommended for at least three months, depending on the doctor’s advice.

In essence, scarless breast reduction is now making its way to top the breast reduction industry.

Not only that the surgery itself is scarless, but it also provides a more speedy recovery.

Women who have been problematic for so long because of exceptionally large breasts can now have the best option to end their struggles without incurring so much pain.