Middle-aged people who face the mirror can only shake their heads in disappointment because they look their age due to sagging skin, stretch marks, and fine lines.

Plenty of people from this age group, however, refuse to accept this reality sitting down, and have sought out treatments to improve their looks.

Microneedling is a breakthrough method of therapy that people from across America and Europe have adopted because it has improved their appearances.

What is Microneedling?

Names like dermal rolling, skin roller, microneedling and skin needling are just some of this therapy’s other names.

Consultants utilize a derma roller for microneedling. This is a device with one hundred ninety-two corrective stainless steel microscopic needles. The needles extend from a small wheel that is utilized to roll over the face of a person and enter the topmost surface of the skin.

This treatment is able to create fissures in the skin, so that anti-oxidants and anti-aging nutrients can flow in and stay enclosed within for an extended period of time.

Moreover, the skin is stimulated by the derma rollers, resulting in the rapid growth of collagen that helps take away unsightly stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

The Derma Roller Process

Topicaine Gel and Derma rollers are utilized together. This is the mix that doctors use to cure most patients.

The gel is used to numb the skin in preparation for the treatment. Since this can be relatively tough on the skin, the treatment is given once every seven days.

Applying moderate pressure with the device five times during the first week is another way to use it. This method will have to continue in the subsequent weeks.

Both methods are usually painless, although the patient can feel a tingling sensation. After microneedling, one possible side effect is that the treatment area of the skin can turn red.

The affected skin might feel as if it is afflicted by mild sunburn, so a patient should use a topical ointment as a means of protection from the sun.

What are the Pros of Microneedling and Derma Rolling?

Microneedling leaves no permanent damage, but be aware that micro punctures can develop after each session. The immune system regenerates the skin rapidly, which is a good thing when coupled with the fact that that the wound is hardly felt.

In the long run, the proliferation of elastin and collagen—nutrients that are good for the body—is the usual after-effect of microneedling.

Using the derma rollers and the cream that causes a numbing effect is one way to maintain the youthful texture of the skin; one has to be diligent in doing this. The roller will be used less, as the skin heals and improves.

Therefore, a subject should use the rollers as lightly as possible, instead of vigorously rolling it over his or her face. This pattern will yield positive results, and the skin will have no traces of trauma.