body jet liposuctionLiposuction, or lipoplasty, has been around for decades now, and it has held its place as one of the most effective cosmetic procedures for getting rid of excess fat. However, conventional lipoplasty techniques just seem too harsh on the body. The invasive nature of the surgery has led prospective patients to explore other cosmetic techniques such as using laser technology to melt away the fat. Conventional liposuction techniques just seem too harsh on the body.

But, most of these alternative and semi-invasive procedures have a limited effect when it comes to removing large amounts of fat. These alternative procedures usually need to be performed repeatedly  before the patient reaches his/her weight loss goal. Also, most of these operations were designed for toning and sculpting rather than heavy-duty fat removal.

When it comes to fat removal, liposuction is still the predominant cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, advances in lipoplasty technology has generated variations of the procedure which are more gentle on the patient’s body. One such variation of the procedure is called body jet liposuction.

The Body Jet Innovation

In order to understand what a huge step forward body jet is, it is first necessary to illustrate how traditional liposuction works. Liposuction used to be done by disintegrating the fat cells. After breaking down the fat, it is then extracted with the use of a canulla (a tube-like tool) and an aspirator (an equipment used to provide suction).

With body jet technology, the fat cells are not broken down. This new method of liposuction is done with the aid of water. Water is flushed through the area where fat is to be removed. Water is pulsed in high pressure so that the fat is physically loosened. You see, what makes fat hard to extract is that it is packed in tight bunches. By first loosening the fat up with water, the lipoplasty procedure can be done more smoothly.

Unlike the conventional method of lipoplasty, body jet does not damage the surrounding body tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. It also takes the patient shorter time to recover from the operation than with traditional lipoplasty. Patients can resume their normal daily routines after only 1 or 2 days of rest after the surgery.

The patient is expected to experience a minimal amount of pain when undergoing a body jet procedure. According to statistics, about nine out of ten patients go through the surgery and experience no pain whatsoever after just 4 days of undergoing the operation. Only local anesthesia is required for the operation.

Also, because there is only minimal pain involved in the operation, the patient may actually stand up while being operated on in order for the surgeon to sculpt the patient’s abdominal area with precision and ease. This makes body jet a more effective sculpting cosmetic procedure than the conventional lipoplasty surgery. With this operation, fat is removed permanently, and the results become apparent immediately.