Breast cancer is detected through the growth of breast lumps, which are caused by the sickly cancer cells in the area.

Fatal Illness

Breast cancer is a potentially deadly disease. The cancer cells will disperse from the breast area to other parts of the body. The organs that are affected by the cells will deteriorate with lack of treatment. Regular treatment routines include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Newer alternatives are already available as well, like hormonal and targeted therapy. The remedies are quite risky, and involve a range of side effects.

People Usually Affected by the Disease

Usually, it is women over the age of sixty that are diagnosed with breast cancer. On the other hand, the recent trend shows that the average age for women with breast cancer has gradually lowered with the passing of time.

Although it is not new for men to contract the disease, the risk is greater nowadays as the number of male patients have increased as well. One’s genetic makeup and family history are also risk factors for the disease, but are not as major as they are generally believed to be.

Nipping at the Bud

In this time of advanced science and technology, patients have better chances of survival with the different treatment alternatives offered to them.

Instead of cure, though, it would be better to direct attention to breast cancer prevention. Yes, there exists uncontrollable variables like age and genetics. However, there are factors that are within control - like lifestyle habits and choices - which can advance efforts in breast cancer prevention.

Learn More About the Disease

Breast cancer awareness is the first measure towards breast cancer prevention. Getting an idea of the causes and symptoms provides better probabilities of preventing the disease. The key to prevention really is breast cancer awareness.

Diet Regulation

Maintaining a healthy diet also helps in prevention. One can actually choose the right fats to consume - there are types that have anti-cancer benefits. The increase of fruits and vegetables in the diet can also minimize the risk of the disease. Breast cancer development can also be prevented through eating more food rich in fiber which controls the estrogen levels in the body.

Moving It

Another tip for breast cancer prevention is exercise. Among the health benefits of exercise are the fortification of the immune system and the lengthening of the periods between menstruation - the latter minimizes estrogen exposure.

Limit or Eliminate Harmful Activities

Heavy smokers and drinkers are also at risk for breast cancer. Therefore, these habits should be limited or eliminated completely to lower the risk of contracting the illness. Moreover, stress can also contribute to the disease’s development so the effective management of stressful factors is needed.

It is not impossible to survive breast cancer, especially now, but this doesn’t give people a free pass to let up on self-care. “Too little, too late” are words nobody wants to hear, so people must be careful to keep this illness from affecting them.