Laser hair removal cost varies by geographical region and skilled professional. The procedure is generally performed in a dermatologist’s office, cosmetic surgery clinic that specializes in laser skin treatments, or med spa. Technological advancements over the years have now made it possible for anyone to be a good candidate for this type of procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Costs

costs-of-laser-hair-removalAbdominal- $150 to $400
Chest- $150 to $450
Back- $300 to $800
Buttocks- $200 to $400
Half Arms (both)- $250 to $650
Half Legs (both)- $250 to $650
Brazilian Bikini- $250 to $500
Regular Bikini- $150 to $450
Underarms- $150 to $250
Chin- $100 to $300
Upper Lip- $100 to $300
Facial Hair Removal- $250 to $650

Before and After Photos

Laser hair removal before and after photos can be viewed on this website:


There are four major factors that determine the laser hair removal costs:

Tone of Skin- Individuals with darker skin tones should expect more treatments than those with fairer skin tones, as the hair can be more difficult to remove.

Body Area- The smaller the area of treatment, the less the cost.

Hair Density- The more dense the hair, the more cost effective the treatment is.

Required Time- A normal procedure only takes about twenty minutes. If the procedure takes over sixty minutes, the laser hair removal cost will increase.

Additionally, three treatments will cost less than six, to reach permanent hair removal results.


Electrolysis is a treatment that involves permanently removing each and every follicle of hair, until a smooth texture is achieved. A needle will be inserted into every hair follicle, and then zapped with an electrical current.

Individuals with darker skin tones and those with gray, blonde or red hair color often choose this procedure over the traditional laser hair removal, as it is a more effective procedure for permanent hair removal.

Types of Electrolysis

There are three types of electrolysis:

Galvanic- This type of electrolysis has been used since 1875, and it uses the chemical agent lye, to remove hair instead of an electrical current.

Thermolysis- This type of electrolysis uses shortwave radio frequencies to produce heat on the skin, and then works to destroy the cells that cause growth of hair.

Blend- This type combines thermolysis and galvanic into one single procedure.

Side Effects

There are a few side effects to keep in mind with this treatment; these include skin damage, infection, ingrown hairs, dryness, scabs, blisters, swelling, redness, pigmentation changes, and permanent scarring.

Cost of Electrolysis

Male Back (full)- $8,500 to $19,125
Full Legs- $8,500 to $19,125
Bikini Line- $900 to $2,025
Upper Lip- $450 to $1035