DysportDysport is a recent development in the anti-aging field. Just like the well-known Botox injection, Dysport treatments also involve a drug extracted from the Clostridium botulinum plant. It is an effective method of helping people who suffer from muscle spasms and other motor disorders. It also minimizes facial lines and wrinkles by the disabling the underlying muscles of the skin.

Dysport Treatment Procedures

Sessions of Dysport treatment usually take about ten to twenty minutes each. The specialist will inject small amounts of Dysport where you need them. The drug will then immobilize the muscles beneath the injected area. From then on, the muscles will receive commands to contract but it will not follow the order. This process minimizes facial lines completely. It is normal for patients to experience swelling during the first few days. After some time, the muscles will then start to relax, and the swelling will disappear.

If you are looking for the quickest way to get rid of wrinkles, you should give Dysport injections a try. It kicks in faster than Botox does, so with Dysport, you will see results two days after the administration of the injections.

It should also be noted that when compared to Botox, Dysport has relatively milder. Botox patients usually complain about not being able to smile or to move their eyebrows. You will not have to suffer from these side effects when you use a Dysport injectable filler: the fine lines will disappear with minimal effects on your facial movements.

Dysport and Botox Compared

Both Dysport and Botox are extracted from  Clostridium botulinum. Both of these chemicals also minimize lines and facial furrows by paralyzing the muscles beneath the skin. They achieve this effect by  inhibiting the communication of commands between nerves and muscles.

Other than that, Dysport and Botox has distinct differences. First off, the two drugs have different diffusion rates; for one thing, Dysport spreads much faster and much further than Botox does. This means that a particular amount of Dysport reaches a bigger area around the injected part than the same amount of Botox.

Secondly, Dysport can only reduce fine lines that are caused by muscle movements. It works best for laugh lines, crow’s feet and similar lines. If the lines on your face are primarily caused by aging, Botox may be a better and more effective solution for you.

The two drugs also have different molecular make-ups. Dysport has fewer proteins around the toxin. Therefore, it stimulates far weaker immunity responses than Botox does. Patients who have developed an immunity for Botox will achieve good results with Dysport.

Which is Safer?

Specialists hold different opinions as to which drug is safer. Dysport definitely does not have the intense paralyzing effect that Botox does. Some patients might prefer this because they will still be able to retain their facial expressions.

However, people do not develop immunity to Dysport. This may be harmful because patients may suffer from an overdose that may lead to irreversible effects.