Evis MD Platinum handheld LED light therapy device is one of the modern approaches of taking care of the skin.

The device can be easily used by any person because it is handheld. You can buy it directly from Amazon, here.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is one of the cutting-edge technologies that Evis MD Platinum utilizes.

Different kinds of skin problems can be resolved if LED light therapy is applied every day.

The promise of ageless beauty is given by Evis MD Platinum.

This LED light therapy can improve one’s lifestyle. Skin cells are also activated.

A specific light wavelength can address specific types of skin problems, depending on their severity.

Different Types of LED Light Therapy offered by the Evis MD Platinum

There are different kinds of light wavelengths that the Evis MD Platinum offers.

The product offers a light wavelength called the blue light. Propionobacterium Acne is one acknowledged bacteria that the blue light Evis MD Platinum eradicates. Blue light is said to eradicate this class of microorganism at 403 nanometer to 425 nanometer without causing dryness of the skin.

The usage of this Evis MD Platinum blue light will be effective if used about 20 minutes twice a week. Another feature that sets this blue light device apart from its topical counterparts is that the Evis blue will provide medical strength performance without irritation or side effects.

Red light therapy is another product from Evis MD Platinum that is of different light wavelength.

Like other light wavelengths, red light is about 660 nanometer to 880 nanometer emanation of wavelength. Collagen and elastin production is proliferated by the red spectrum of light to inhibit the formation of acne.

Red light therapy allows the replacement of damaged skin cells to new ones and stimulates fibroblasts that repairs tissues. It excites the discharge of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which carries energy throughout the skin cells.

It also increases lymphatic system activity for lighter skin complexion and induces a thermal-like effect in the tissue that could execute bacteria and viruses in the damaged tissues.

The red light therapy does the following: increases lymphatic system activity for lighter skin tone and induces a thermal-like effect in the tissue that could eradicate bacteria and viruses in the damaged tissues.

Red light is beneficial in diminishing wrinkles and lines. It aids in the development of skin tone and texture. Large pores are made smaller. Age spots lighten, as well as the dark areas under eye circles. It lessens signs of aging and treats acne spots.

Ageless Beauty, creators of the Evis MD Platinum, have another form of light therapy called the green light.

Its wavelength is roughly 525nm which is beneficial to reduce hyperpigmentation and prevention of fleck formation. It also aids in lightening freckles and age spots. When using green light therapy, skin would become smooth and have a brighter complexion.

Evis MD Platinum has many benefits. It is non-invasive and non-ablative.

When using the product, it is portable and easy to use, including being easy to pack when traveling. The treatment should last for about a month and its application should be twice a week. After which, recognizable changes in the skin are seen.

How to use the Evis MD Platinum Handheld LED Light Therapy System

The Evis MD Platinum is easy to use and following proper directions should yield excellent results. Firstly, prior to application of the light, clean the surface of the face to avoid unfavorable effect.

The next step is to put on the essence that is purchased along with the Evis MD Platinum. This will promote in the effective use of the product. Third, expose skin with the light for about three (3) minutes at a time, repeatedly, until you’ve reached about 20 minutes total.