One would think that having imposing and prominent jaws should be reserved for men, after all, it is a sign of masculinity. There are very few women who can pull off having prominent jaws without looking too manly, such as Kiera Knightley and Courtney Thorne-Smith. And while having too much of a jaw can have a masculine impact on a jaw_implantwoman’s visage, the lack thereof can easily make a beautiful face lose its good proportion. It can cause the look of the face to be asymmetrical, and out of proportion, making the face look weak, and can have the effect of having a large neck, nose, forehead, or cranium.

Fortunately, plastic surgery solves the lack of a properly sized jaw with the use of jaw implants, which augment the look of a patient’s jaw to create the proper proportions needed to have a beautiful face. This, if used in conjunction with chin or cheek implants can create an even more proportioned look, and while it can severely alter a person’s face, it can definitely give a very well balanced appearance.

Jaw implants can either be synthetic or biological. Synthetic implants lack the ability to integrate into the bone and tissue, but it has the bonus of being easily removed should the patient not be satisfied or if there should be modifications done. Biological materials can provide for a more natural look and feel by having it integrate into the tissue, but have the disadvantage of being more difficult to remove or modify should the need arise.

Jaw implant surgery can take roughly one to two hours, depending on the surgeon’s skill level and the patient’s requirements. The procedure requires the surgeon to create incisions inside the lower lip, creating a pocket where the jaw implants are inserted. They will be placed on top of the jawbone to define the jaw’s lines and create a more imposing, more defined jaw line. Once the implants are in place, the surgeon sutures the incisions shut.

There can be swelling and bruising during the recovery process, which can take from anywhere between three weeks to three months. Because the incisions are placed inside the mouth, which are full of bacteria, the surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and other medication that need to be taken diligently to ensure the proper healing process and to hasten the recovery of the patient.

Once the healing process is finished and the swelling and bruising has subsided, the patient will be able to fully and clearly see the end result, which, if done right, would be a perfectly symmetrical, perfectly proportional jawline that will balance out the whole appearance of the face.