Not only doctors approve of breast augmentation with the Keller funnel, even patients have talked about the benefits of the procedure.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular elective surgery procedures performed all over the world.

Considering that a large number of breast surgeries are performed annually, you will also conclude that many complications occur after surgery.

One complication that occurs is that scar tissue forms around the implant and this is called capsular contracture.

It is estimated that 5% of patients undergoing breast augmentation will end up with capsular contracture, but there is no exact process to find out which ones.

Bacterial contamination may be one of the leading causes of capsular contracture.

If you do get capsular contracture after breast augmentation, you will experience breast stiffness and there is a possibility that your implant will rupture.

The common method utilized in breast surgery is for the doctor to guide the implant into the surgical pocket through the incision by means of his fingertip.

The stress that the implant experiences from this form of insertion can lead to it rupturing.

Bacterial contamination is reduced to a minimum during breast augmentation with the Keller funnel because of the no touch technique involved, and the force applied on the implant is reduced as well.

Dr. Kevin Keller wanted to reduce some of the risks of breast augmentation when he invented the Keller funnel.

The Keller funnel is a nylon pouch shaped like an icing bag, and is coated with a proprietary lubricant called LubriLAST.

To improve lubrication, both the funnel and the implant are submerged in a saline or anti-bacterial solution during breast augmentation with the Keller funnel.

The doctor holds the Keller funnel in place while the nurse pours the implant into it from the original packaging. After the narrower end of the funnel is placed into the incision, the doctor squeezes the implant into the breast.

Compared to the finger push method, an independent study has shown that using the Keller funnel during breast enhancement surgery reduces the forces applied on an implant by 95%.

Breast augmentation with the Keller funnel can be performed on transaxial, periareolar, or inframammary procedures. Both smooth and textured implants of up to 800 cc have been used successfully with the Keller funnel, but textured implants require more pressure applied on them.

Implant manufacturer recommendations must be kept in mind, although smaller incisions can be made while performing breast augmentation with the Kennel funnel.

To ensure cleanliness, each Keller funnel is used only in one surgery which counts both breasts and an insertion test.

Reviewing the benefits of the Keller funnel, breast surgery using this method requires smaller incisions than traditional breast augmentation procedures.

Doctor and patient can now have more options on where to place the incisions during surgery because smaller incisions are needed.

The presence of bacteria is very low thanks to the no touch technique utilized.

The implant is less likely to tear because the forces being used during the breast augmentation surgery are less than usual.

After the operation, patients heal at a faster pace and acclimate to their implant easier.

After using the Keller funnel, more and more doctors are singing its praises.

Ask your cosmetic surgeon if breast augmentation with the Keller funnel is right for you.