laser bra techniqueThe Stevens laser bra is the by product of a breast reduction technique developed by Dr. Grant Stevens, a Los Angeles cosmetic plastic surgeon. It is primarily created by using aesthetic laser technology similar to what is used on various cosmetic processes to tighten the skin to extend the procedure backwash. The procedure was actually to answer the growing demand for breast reduction with a smaller recovery time. Thus, the operating and recovery time is actually halved compared to the traditional breast reduction surgery.

The laser breast reduction is done using a traditional CO2 laser to prep skin as well as the tissue which will be removed during the procedure. After placing the patient to sleep by using general anesthesia, a small horizontal and vertical incision is then made to create an opening for liposuction similar to a traditional reduction technique. The extracted tissue is later sent to the pathology lab for biopsy.

They then fabricate it by using the same type of laser used previously to tighten and strengthen the tissue in such a way that the patient will have tauter and more perky breasts. The finished product, called ‘laser bra‘, works like an internal bra and is sent back to the operating room wherein it is reinserted into the chest and sutured internally into the patient’s peritoneum to lift the breast. The lesions are dressed regularly and if the procedure requires the use of drains; they are emptied promptly to maintain a sterile operation.

The laser bra cannot be seen or felt since it uses the patient’s own tissue. Additionally, since there are no foreign pathogens inserted inside the body, there is no chance of rejection and little chance of infection, meaning there are minimal cases wherein bruises, bleeding and swelling is sustained.

However, since the surgery is includes considerable amount of work, the recovery time is about 5 – 7 days and patients are advised to return to their normal activities by 3 weeks. Also, depending on the client’s profession, the physician will provide a guide to follow to reduce the risks of complications such as no exercise and lifting of more than 10lbs or more; failure to comply to these restrictions often result to bleeding and excessive scarring.

Another note to share when considering this type of breast reduction is the price of the procedure. Aside from the usual side issue of downtime, clients must also analyze the amount of money they need to pay since they will be paying for the anesthesia, facility (laboratory) and surgeon fees. Given the additional fact that there is no norm in estimating the cost of the procedure yet because the price varies from patient to patient, you may consult the average surgeon fees of your chosen clinic and discuss goals and options with your health provider.

With 15 years of success under its belt, the laser bra has certainly come a long way despite its shortcomings. Many testify that the technique improved their quality of living by not only reducing the size of their chest due to age and child birth, but also giving their breast a natural shape and silhouette.