Plump lips are the picture of youth and today there are all sorts of choices in methods for lip augmentation.

Permanent Lip Augmentation

There are a number of lip augmentation procedures which are considered to be permanent including silicone and saline implants, Gore-Tex and similar agents and lip augmentation fat transplant.lip augmentation

Silicone augmentation uses sculpted lip implants known as “Permalip” to immediately augment the size of the lips. They are solid, yet flexible silicone bodies which are available in 3 sizes. Saline implants may also be placed in a permanent lip augmentation surgery and are often successful but do carry the risk of rupture in the event of facial trauma.

SoftForm and UltraSoft are porous implant substrates which are designed to eventually be filled by growing lip tissue. They have largely replaced the once popular Gore-Tex implants as though they are similar, they will not shrink and appear to cause fewer complications. Fat can be obtained from one area of the body and placed into the lips as an implant, this is considered to be more permanent than the less invasive fat injection procedures.

Semi-permanent Lip Augmentation

Semi-permanent methods of lip augmentation will generally last several months and in some cases up to a year or more but will then need to be repeated. These methods include several types of collagen lip injections, fat lip injections, hyaluronic acid lip injections and lip cosmetic fillers.

Collagen lip augmentation has traditionally been done using cow collagen which carries a risk of allergic reaction. Newer methods of collagen lip injection augmentation include Dermalogen which comes from donated tissue and Autologen which is extracted from excess skin from the patient’s own body.

Fat injection lip augmentation can be done with injections of fat removed from the patient through liposuction. Hyaluronic acid in the form of Restylane and Juvederma is an agent that will hold fluid in the lip tissues for several months.

Temporary Cosmetic Lip Augmentation

Several cosmetic creams and lipsticks are now available to temporarily augment the size of the lips by increasing the local blood flow to the lips producing a swelling and increased redness which is considered to be more attractive. These products are generally made with natural substances such as capsaicin (red pepper), cinnamon and spearmint which produce a slight burning sensation and may produce irritation leading to swelling of the lips. Of course, as they are temporary they must be used on a regular basis to maintain the effect.

With so many choices available for lip augmentation, you should be sure and do all the research, understand all the procedures and options along with looking at before and after lip augmentation photos before committing to a specific procedure. A board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in lip augmentation surgery will be able to explain the choices, procedures and will help you know what can be expected from each available option.