Fat reduction is a regular motivation among cosmetic surgery patients. Liposuction is the process that is comprised of the cosmetic elimination of excess fatty tissues from the body. There are many kinds of liposuction. The surgical elimination of fat is the traditional approach. Less invasive liposuction alternatives exist as well. On the other hand, non-surgical liposuction is the newest alternative in the field. It is known as Lipo-Ex.

What is the technology of Lipo-Ex?

This form of liposuction eliminates body fat faster than other fat reduction procedures. In this treatment, the problematic areas are exposed to radio frequencies with high penetration capacities. The intense energy creates high temperatures within the fat cells themselves and causes the release of their contents. The body’s lymphatic system absorbs the released contents and flushes them out.

How is Lipo-Ex done?

Incisions and injections aren’t requirements during the treatment. Due to the absence of direct skin contact, the need for anesthesia is eliminated. In general, patients experience little to no pain. The usual areas covered by the procedure are the arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Furthermore, the face and neck can also benefit from Lipo-Ex.

How is Lipo-Ex different from other liposuction techniques?

The uniqueness of Lipo-Ex stems from its entirely non-surgical nature. The absence of surgery makes Lipo-Ex safer than other methods. The risks that usually come with traditional liposuction procedures do not attach themselves to Lipo-Ex. Results from the Lipo-Ex process are also of excellent caliber. Unlike earlier techniques that only cure subcutaneous or surface fat, Lipo-Ex is able to shrink visceral fat cells, which are the fat tissues found in between organs. The removal of visceral fat also has health benefits, such as reducing the possibility of diabetes or heart disease development.

How long does one session take?

It takes about one hour to complete a Lipo-Ex treatment session. However, the duration of the procedure can vary from thirty to ninety minutes, depending on the area and scope of treatment. The procedure has to be done at least eight times to garner the best results.

Recovery and Results

Not much time is needed to bounce back from the Lipo-Ex treatment. Regular activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment.

A waistline smaller by two to three inches can be achieved through Lipo-Ex. It can also contribute to a ten-pound weight loss. The skin can be enhanced through the treatment as well through the removal of cellulite and the contraction of the skin. Moreover, since the process only removes the contents of fat cells and not the cells themselves, the body would still maintain its proportions even in the event of weight gain.

What should one do to maintain results?

The effects of Lipo-Ex will not last without maintenance. The removal of fat depends on a tuned lymphatic system, so some form of exercise to improve lymphatic and circulatory functions is necessary to maintain results. The body must also be well-hydrated to facilitate efficient excretion of the melted fat.

What side effects should one expect from the procedure?

Lipo-Ex side effects include redness, itching and dryness of the skin. These effects are only temporary. Swelling or bruising are not regular side effects.