A thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure involving the use of liposuction techniques to suction out excess fat and remove extra outer and inner thigh skin. An outer thigh lift is generally performed in conjunction with a body lift, and an inner thigh lift is usually done separately.

outer-thigh-liftOver time, the inner and outer thigh areas lose their elasticity, causing droopiness and saggy-looking features. Oftentimes, this condition can be magnified through rapid weight loss and past liposuction procedures.

The inner thighs are usually affected earlier than the outer thighs. Excessive fat produces cellulite in most women. Oftentimes, the cellulite does not budge even with the use of liposuction, weight loss or exercise. When it reaches this point, a thigh lift cosmetic surgery procedure is necessary.

Thigh Lift Cost

A thigh lift costs between $7,500 and $10,000. The cost of the thigh lift will depend on if it is performed on the upper thigh, middle thigh or inner thigh, or if it is a combination of liposuction and a butt lift along with the thigh lift.

The total cost may or may not include the hospital fees. The surgeon’s fee averages about $3,500 to $5,000 for the inner or outer thigh. Some physicians do offer discounts if a patient is having a buttock or abdominal lift along with a thigh lift procedure.

Outer and Inner Thigh Lift Surgery

The plastic surgeon usually makes an incision in the groin region or in the buttocks crease. Liposuction is utilized to remove excess fatty tissue, and then extra skin is cut away.

Inner layers of tissue are first tightened, then sutures are put into place and dressings and a light compression garment is wrapped around the thigh areas.

Risks of Thigh Lift Surgery

Risks are uncommon with this type of surgery, but as the plastic surgeon will tell all patients, all surgery carries some risk. These include excessive bleeding, infection, poor wound healing and poor circulation in legs.

Recovery for Thigh Lifts

Patients usually return home after several hours after the outer thigh lift. Drainage tubes are removed after the second day, and then showers are permitted. Pain is managed through medication. Swelling will occur, but disappear after 3 weeks.

There will be minimal bruising and grogginess. Regular activities may be resumed within 3 weeks. It will take 10 days until sutures will be extracted. Work-related activities will need to be postponed for 1 week after an outer thigh lift.

Results of Thigh Lift

Results of an outer thigh lift are usually lifelong and individuals will look superb in their new swimwear and jeans!