Fractional skin resurfacing is involved in a lot of cosmetic procedures. Skin damage and wrinkles can be eliminated through this method. Quick treatment of facial imperfections is an attribute of Palomar Laser Resurfacing. The treatment does not require spending a lot of money.

What makes Palomar Fractional Laser Resurfacing different?

Palomar Fractional Laser Resurfacing gives people the option of improving their appearance without downtime. Microbeams are used in the procedure to target the tissues that need fixing. That is why it is able to heal in a short period of time. Additionally, side effects are reduced after the treatment.

Two types of skin areas can be focused on by Palomar home laser. The first kind is called ablative and it is done by vaporizing the damaged tissues on the skin. The other kind is called non-ablative and what this does is to thicken the affected tissue with a laser beam. Ablative procedures only take a one time appointment for most people. Minimal or no downtime is associated with non-ablative treatments.


One can get a lot of advantages from this procedure. Both the clients and the practitioners benefit from the process. What’s good about the procedure for the patients is that it doesn’t consume too much time. The process also entails less pain for the client. Both redness and swelling can be avoided in the process. When the treatment is done, patients are more likely to be satisfied since there is no scarring. When it comes to other infections, the same thing applies. What pleases the clients about the procedure is that its outcomes are guaranteed to last for a long time. The results of Palomar Laser Resurfacing will actually depend on the patient since the process can be tailored to suit the preference of the patient.

Which areas does Palomar Laser Resurfacing Treat?

A lot of areas on the body can be treated with Palomar Fractional Laser Resurfacing. Examples of these body parts are the neck, face and chest. Moreover, hands that begin to show signs of aging can go through this process. Indeed, many people are able to benefit from the versatility of this procedure.

If your skin has been damaged by the sun, then you can become a candidate for the procedure. Spider veins also make a person eligible for the treatment. Since Palomar skin resurfacing fixes so many problems including pigmented lesions and rosacea, just having those can lead you to become a viable candidate for the treatment.


The treatment also makes sure that uneven skin tone is evened out. The process also helps people attain a young looking skin by tightening the pores and smoothing out the skin.

One treatment for the Palomar Fractional Laser Resurfacing will cost a person $600. However, many facilities will offer discounts when multiple treatments are booked upfront.