peelsAbout Facial Peels

A number of different acids and other agents are available for the treatment of cosmetic skin improvement. Some of these facial peel agents may be applied at home for the treatment of superficial issues while others must be applied under medical supervision to treat deeper skin conditions.

At home application of low concentration skin peel products have few side effects other than some minor tingling and redness. More concentrated chemical peels will often cause redness, swelling and heavy peeling which will often require the patient to take several days of recovery time before returning to work because of the appearance of the face.

Uses for Facial Peels

Face peel solutions can be used to treat a number of cosmetic skin conditions such as:

-Wrinkle Reduction

-Sun Damage Elimination

-Skin Rejuvenation

-Acne Improvement

-Acne Scarring

Types of Facial Peels

Plant Acid Peel

Glycolic, Beta Hydroxy and Alpha Hydroxy acids are derived from plant products and are all common ingredients in skin care products that may be purchased over the counter at retailers selling beauty supplies and cosmetics.

Stronger forms of acid peels such as concentrated salicylic acid may be applied by an aesthetician or a physician. It is often recommended that a person begin with a lower concentration and work up to a stronger solution after several treatments, if continued treatment is necessary.

Chemical Peel

Phenol is a concentrated chemical peel agent that may be applied in a physician’s office. This is most often done by certified dermatologists for the treatment of acne scarring but also done at a cosmetic surgery clinic for wrinkle reduction.

Phenol is a fairly caustic agent and may induce redness and swelling, along with the peeling of the surface of the skin which will not completely heal for several weeks but is highly effective at producing healthy skin growth from the lower layers of the skin.

TCA Peel

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is a concentrated form of an acid similar to vinegar. It is applied within a cosmetic surgeon or dermatology office and may be used to treat both acne scarring and for wrinkle reduction or skin rejuvenation. TCA peel application is aimed at treating the deeper layers of skin and therefore recovery time may be several weeks before full effectiveness is visible.

perfect-skin21Other Treatments

Other treatments that can be used for the treatment of acne, wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation may include laser peel therapy to remove the top layer of skin by application of concentrated light. Deeper laser therapy is also employed to treat the sub layers of the skin and supporting tissue to encourage young, healthy skin and connective tissue to develop from underneath.

Dermabrasion is also still used by some physicians, though its use is generally for the treatment of severe acne scarring and is not as common as it once was due to the development of less painful methods of skin treatment.