For those who are suffering from hair loss, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of an encouraging breakthrough called Laser Hair Therapy (LHT).

The biggest difference between hair transplant surgery and the new laser hair restoration procedure is that there is no need for surgery.

The method itself has been tried and tested around the world for the last thirty years, and this exciting new therapy has recently been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The approach of this remedy involves the use of a device that consists of a laser that serves as a form of therapy that treats patients with a soft, low, pulsating light.

Dealing with Hair Loss

A central element in hair loss is how long the hair is. The numbers tell it all: sixty-seven, twenty-six, and sixteen strands of hair will fall off if the hair measures four inches, twelve inches, and twenty-inches, respectively.

It is possible for hair loss to happen within the year when hair grows to six inches.

Diminishing hair can also be caused by aging.

Due to hormonal changes in people’s bodies, it has been noted that extensive hair loss happens in the ages of three, ten, twenty-two, twenty-six, thirty-six, and fifty four.

What Should you Expect from Laser Hair Therapy Treatment?

Laser hair therapy initiates a process called photo biotherapy.

The technique affects cells that take in light in order to regenerate. Cells metabolize more rapidly, blood circulates more easily, and protein is synthesized better when the laser light pierces through the scalp.

Hair regeneration becomes more dynamic because the cellular process of hair growth is improved by this procedure.

How Laser Hair Therapy is Conducted

Hair loss is significantly reduced in some cases, because hair roots are toughened and invigorated by laser hair therapy.

This is a satisfying outcome for those who have undernourished hair and trouble with their scalp.

The reason is that permanent damage may result if hair roots are unable to grow anymore, so it is imperative that the treatments should be done in order to reduce the possibility of weakened hair roots.

The healing red-light that emanates from the cold laser used to remedy hair loss is able to bring about blood circulation towards the hair bulb and scalp, making be additional blood cells that will transfer oxygen.

Laser Hair Therapy Maintenance

While bearing with further treatment, to maximize the gains of this laser hair restoration, you must stay away from the sun.

Furthermore, in order to keep from pulling your hair out from its roots, you should never pluck, thread, sugar, or wax your hair during the ten to twenty-five-day regimen.

During the treatment procedure, you will notice hair falling off. This is something that you should not be apprehensive about because it is natural and hair will grow back gradually.

The shedding process will be improved if a loofah is utilized over the areas where hair is growing. It is not peculiar for “pepperspots”, minute dark spots on the skin, to show themselves. These dots will disappear in time.

This laser hair therapy utilizes both a fluctuating light and an infrared red-colored light to solves hair problems, and has proven to be an efficient cure.

Post-therapy people reported hair that looked fuller, fresher, and better. Laser hair therapy is becoming more visible as a remedy to those who are in need, thanks to marketing and research enterprises.