Smooth Tuck - An Obesity Solution?

Smooth TuckBeing obese is not easy on anybody. It’s bad enough that people would think of an obese person in negative light, being fat also brings with it a lot of health complications. Cancer, heart ailments, and stroke are just some of the health worries that an obese person lives with daily.

It’s only natural that people would turn to dieting. However, the problem of obesity will need more than diet fashions in order for it to go away for good. Many dieters end up discouraged , primarily because they didn’t consider other factors that lead to a successful dieting program. Many even regained about two thirds of their lost pounds before the year ends, and end up even more disenfranchised.

In cases like these, some people turn to liposuction and/or tummy tuck surgeries. Liposuction involves surgically removing fat deposits from the body. The by-product of liposuction is usually a hanging, excess skin, which is why a tummy tuck is used to remove the excess skin. The operations are by themselves expensive-add to the fact that one would also require a very long recovery period, as well. Missing all those days of work may sometimes be unacceptable for some people. Furthermore, not everyone people may not be eligible for a tummy tuck, due to the fact that they may not be healthy enough to undergo the operation, or are simply too obese for the operation to work well.

There is, however, a recent tummy tuck alternative for overweight patients: the Smooth Tuck. The inventor of the Smooth Tuck, Dr. Matthew Schulman, made the application a far less complicated one than the tummy tuck. It stars with a liposuction, followed by what appears to be a tummy tuck. However, unlike conventional tummy tucks, Dr. Matthew Schulman has developed a method that does not involve any muscle work of any kind, which means that both the liposuction and smooth tuck procedure could be performed in one go, whereas a traditional tummy tuck and liposuction must be done on separate sessions, after the patient has recovered from the other.

Smooth Tuck involves no muscle work, hence recovery is much faster-patients normally recuperate in a week, and can resume full physical exertion in just 14 days. On top of all that, Smooth Tuck cost less than the common tummy tuck.

However, like all weight loss surgical procedures, Dr. Matthew Schulman advises that the Smooth Tuck-just like the tummy tuck-is more optimal for women who have put on some pounds after giving birth, rather than as a shortcut to getting slim. A healthy everyday lifestyle which includes healthy and regulated eating coupled with regular exercise is still the best answer to weight loss.