A long recovery is what one can expect from the surgical procedure called the facelift.

Involved in recovering from the surgery is the downtime, but the effects of the procedure usually makes it worthwhile. Even the fear of going under the knife loses out against turning back the clock and looking youthful again.

But now there is an alternative that does not involve going through surgery because it tightens the skin, and gives you a facelift without involving a single knife.

Dr. Anita Mandal accomplishes this with the whisper lift.

What is the Whisper Lift?

The whisper lift is a procedure that deals with the tightening of the skin tissues.

In effect, it gets rid of skin creases and wrinkles. It was developed by Dr. Anita Mandal, a plastic surgeon from Palm Beach.

Performing a rhitedectomy has a whole lot of risks involved. The idea behind the whisper lift is to lessen the risks and to also lessen the amount of recovery time needed, without sacrificing the effects for the patient.

Up to fifteen years of your youthful appearance can be returned.

Local anaesthesia is the only anesthetic used.

A whisper face lift does not involve a lot of skin cutting to succeed, thus making the hairline shift barely noticeable.

There’s also the fact that the natural appearance of a person is not altered too much, giving the patient a look that does not seem artificial.

What the facelift offers greatly revolutionizes the time it takes to recover, and the cost-effectiveness of the procedure.

The price is decent for the outcome; it has less recovery time, and the overall effect lasts long.

What makes the Whisper Lift different from a Facelift?

The process begins with the application of nothing stronger than a local anaesthetic. The physician then starts the procedure by making very small incisions or cuts along the hairline of the patient.

These incisions are used to reach into the skin and tighten the affected muscles. These can be done afterwards: the removal of excess fat in the jawline, neck, or cheeks.

There is also an option to apply, if necessary, cosmetic fillers.

The surgeon then closes the incisions in order to prepare the patient for recovery, and thus finishing the procedure.

Around ninety minutes to two hours is all it takes for the entire process to be completed.

Whisper Lift Recovery

Unlike any other surgery, the recovery time of a whisper lift is dramatically shorter.

You can recover after a week from the procedure, unlike the usual four to eight weeks needed with more complicated surgeries.

You do not need any follow-up surgeries or procedures and the effects you get can last a long time.

There is also no need to worry about the marks or scars that would be left behind, as they are so small you won’t even notice them.

Practice the usual way of caring for your wounds after surgical procedures during the week after the surgery.

It would be best to limit sunlight exposure to avoid darkening the operation area. You may also want to limit any heavy lifting.

A whisper lift has better benefits than what you can get from other surgical facelifts.

There’s hardly any comparison to be made, from the small incisions made, to the short time of recovery.

Instead of six months lost at most, you lose nothing more than a week with the procedure.