What is Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery?

Thigh lift plastic surgery is a procedure to reduce sagging in the thighs.  It will tighten and restore natural shape of the inner and outer thighs.

Thigh lifts are commonly performed after massive weight loss that has resulted in sagging skin.

thigh lift plastic surgery

The procedure removes excess skin, tissue and fat to result in a smooth thigh contour.

Who Benefits from Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery?

Thigh lift cosmetic surgery can provide a natural, youthful contour to the thighs, restoring confidence and self esteem.

A thigh lift may also be needed for people who have undergone liposuction in the thighs and other areas of the body.  It can sometimes be performed at the same time as liposuction but most physicians will want to perform liposuction and then wait a few months to ensure that the patient is a good candidate for thigh lift surgery.  This is particularly important if there is a lot of fat in the thighs.

How is a Thigh Lift Performed?

Inner Thigh Lift

Inner thigh lifts are more common than larger procedures.  Excess skin, tissue and fat from the inner portion of the thigh will be lifted and removed through a surgical incision.

The incision is usually started in the fold of the groin area at the top of the legs. Depending upon the amount of the skin to be removed, the incision may only be in the groin area, this is known as a minimal medial incision.  If more tissue needs to be removed, the incision may extend around the top of the legs.

The surgeon will ensure that the minimum length of incision is performed to minimize scarring and maximize appearance. Once excess skin and tissue is removed, the remaining tissue will be shaped naturally to restore the contour of the thighs.

Outer Thigh lift

Outer thigh lift cosmetic surgery is a more extensive procedure that may be necessary in cases where a large portion of skin and tissue needs to be removed.  It can be combined with other procedures such as buttocks lift or inner thigh lift.

The surgical incision will extend from the groin, around the hip.  In most cases, modern thigh lift plastic surgery techniques allow the physician to place the incision in an area that can be easily hidden by clothes and bathing suits. Deeply placed sutures will help to keep the tissue in place until healing is complete and maintain natural contours of the thighs.

Depending upon the extensiveness of the thigh lift, the medical needs of the patient and the surgical facility, a thigh lift may be performed under twilight anesthesia or it may require general anesthesia.

Many facilities perform cosmetic surgical procedures as a day surgery and the patient will be allowed to return home the same day. Thigh lift plastic surgery is considered to be a major surgical procedure.  Recuperation time will be at least 1 – 2 weeks and most patients must expect to be off of work or normal activities during this time.

During the recovery period, there will be significant bruising and swelling and rest with limited leg movement is recommended to allow tissues to heal and minimize scarring.